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Sacred Soul Strategy for Life + Business

Hey, I'm Seryna

I help women on the rise begin creating a life and business with purpose, on purpose. It all begins with a sacred space to have honest conversations with yourself and your soul. I work with my intuitive gifts, your angels and guides, and your Akashic Records to help you get crystal clear on what you’re here to do, and to remove any of the barriers between you, and the life you’re here to live. Together, we’l cultivate courage, let shit go, unleash your voice, and step into the power that’s been waiting for you to claim it. Sound juicy? Keep scrolling to find out how we can work together.

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Your essential guide to actively create your heart’s desire for 2019.

Welcome to your next new beginning!

I put together this guide with some deep support and divine guidance. I’d been looking for a way to make my work accessible to people who weren’t working with me directly (either in individual sessions, or group programs) so that we could all be working together, with collective intention, towards living our divine purpose.

While the specifics of what that looks like, living our divine purpose, is so individual, the steps we need to get there without outside help is actually universal. We’re being asked to do a few simple things:

Get Clear – tell us what you want, what you really really want
Course Correct – identify what’s in your way and how you’ll overcome it
Create – bring it all to life, baby!

And we’re going to do that together today, and throughout all of 2019!