Alright, ‘Fess up… There’s no judgment here…

You’ve been DIYing your marketing and your social media graphics, or you’re getting help from a tech-savvy kid or a friend of a friend. You haven’t done a lot of planning — you’re busy rocking your biz — so everything is off the cuff using whatever free tools are available. It looks a bit… disconnected… but you’re not really sure how to bring it all together. You’ve got website shame, and when someone asks you for a business card, you hand it over, but you don’t feel good about it.

You see your peers and other online business owners with these SLICK graphics, GORGEOUS photos, and everything they do is BEAUTIFUL and COHESIVE… and if you’re honest, you can’t help but feel a pang of envy.

But here’s the thing, lovely — they’re no different than you are. With a bit of guidance and some of your time, you can bring all the pieces of your marketing together into one, swoon-worthy brand that your clients will ADORE.

Introducing: Your Big, Beautiful Brand Audit

a personalized report on your marketing that helps you tune up your marketing into one of those brands other people are envious of.

Why Audit Your Brand?

When you make any investment in your business, marketing included, you want to make sure you get a return. Dropping hundreds of dollars, and countless hours into promoting your business, and not making an impact with your ideal clients is an avoidable, heartbreaking bummer.

Your Big, Beautiful Brand Audit includes an analysis of your website, social media channels, and print materials and how they align with the audience you’re targeting and your business goals. PLUS, if you’ve got any questions, you’ll get a 15 minute follow up call to answer them. By having me audit your brand, alongside your business goals, I can let you know if you’re on track to make a splash with your peeps, and if not, some suggestions of swoon-worthy things you can do instead. Basically, for one flat fee, you get to leverage over a decade of experience, and get a tailor-made plan of action.

Why Limit These?

I know what you’re thinking… if brand auditing is so important, why don’t I make this one of my regular services? Here’s the real deal, absolute truth…
Brand audits are a long process, and for me, they tend to focus more on the analytical than the creative. And in my happy little heart, I am creative to my core. I think it’s important to make these accessible when my schedule allows, but if I filled my days doing only audits, it’d be yawn-city, population: me. And you know me, I’m all about doing what lights you up. This is why I open up this service only once in awhile, for a limited time, and only for a handful of clients at once.

How Does It Work?

Well, precious… it’ll go a little something like this….

Click “Audit My Brand, Baby!” and proceed through the Paypal checkout. You’ll be taken to a survey which is essential to the auditing process.
Your audit will begin once you’ve answered the form’s questions. Give as much details as possible. You can also email 2 additional items for audit. (Instructions on the form.)
About a week later, you’ll be emailed a report with your brand’s audit. You can then book your 15 minute follow up call to go over the results.

Your Investment: $199 USD

This Audit’s For You If…
  • You’ve been at your business for awhile, and are ready for a tune up.
  • You have a website, social media content and/or print materials.
  • You’ve invested (time or money) in a fair amount of content online.
  • You have at least one social media channel that you’re active on.
  • You have the time to invest in making changes to improve your brand.

These guidelines are for you to get the most out of the auditing process. I want you to feel empowered to make changes, not overwhelmed or unable to do what’s necessary to make the necessary shifts for a successful brand.

This Audit’s NOT For You If…
  • You’re new to your business, and haven’t developed much content.
  • You aren’t using a website or social media to promote your business.
  • You haven’t developed content, online or offline, that I can review.
  • You don’t have the time to make the recommended changes or are easily overwhelmed.

If you’re in the early stages of building your brand, an audit is not how I can best serve you. If you want to go the DIY route, start off with my workbook. Alternatively, you can hire me to build a brand for you, or to brainstorm your brand together. My services are here.



Since 2005, I’ve been working with small and mid-sized businesses on their marketing and branding. Together we co-create big, beautiful brands their customers fall in love with.

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