Your Beautiful Brand
Begins Within

It’s time to unleash your magic.

Attract the RIGHT people, with my Dream Clients meditation.

Speak Up. Be Seen. Make Impact.

I know you. You’re a…

You’re a woman of many labels, but what matters more than what you’re called, is what you do… the magic you make for your dream clients. But you’re having a hard time articulating your super powers. You have so many ideas of how you can change the world, but getting them out of your head into an actionable plan is a whole other story.

And don’t even get me started on your website shame…

I know you, and I’ve helped dozens of women like you in almost as many industries get crystal clear on their mission, and their message.

Here’s How I Help


Need clarity on who your ideal client is? Not sure what the best method to deliver your message is? Need some guidance and inspiration? I’m your gal!


A cohesive brand that’s rolled out to all of your marketing mediums is the first step to uplevelling your presence. It’s also my very favourite thing to do.


I’ve spent over a decade designing websites + digital and print materials that delight and dazzle clients, all over the globe. Got a project you need brought to life? I’ve got you.

Hi, I’m Seryna,

your sacred brand strategist…

I take an inside-out approach to branding that shifts the focus away from how things look, to how things should feel. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about the aesthetic, I just want to create designs that go deeper than the surface… that align on a soul-level.. that LIGHT YOU UP. I develop branding that feels juicy and luscious and deliciously you. So much so that it becomes irresistible to your dream clients.  Your brand should feel so familiar, so authentically you, that it becomes an extension of yourself.

And when you love it, your customers can feel it.

I use intuitive practices like meditation, channeling, oracle cards and clairaudience to know which questions to ask, which content will most resonate with your peeps, and how to guide you through the discovery process. My philosophy is that everything that touches your clients and your prospects, the mediums you use to reach them, the designs used to express your brand, your copy, your sales cycle, all of it, should feel wonderfully YOU, and totally heart-centred. Because let’s be honest, speaking your authentic truth can feel vulnerable, and scary, but I promise to honour your story, and make the journey feel safe and cozy.

I believe the key to a successful business and a roster full of dream clients, is to show up fully, as your authentic self. When you build a brand this way, your content resonates with the right people, and feels effortless to create.

But I get it – while you may be the best at whatever it is you do, knowing how to show up as your real authentic self may seem confusing, intimidating, or let’s be honest, a bit vulnerable.

That’s where I come in.

One of my superpowers is in being able to read between the lines to see you exactly as you are. By working through your blocks to visibility, clarifying the magic you make in the world, and crafting that into a message that’s magnetic to your dream clients, you’re able to experience promoting yourself in a completely new way. You’ll feel alignment to your purpose, and your mission, which not only feels good, but tends to impact your bottom line.

Let's see if there's a fit, shall we?

Apply for your FREE Compatibility Call. We’ll chat over Zoom about what you need and how I can help you get there. I’ll hear you out, make some recommendations and see where it goes from there… It’s a bit like a blind date, but without all the awkwardness.


I’d like to start this article off with one statement that I believe to be true: It’s important to know yourself. We can agree on that, right? It’s the key to finding the right jobs and relationships. It’s how we can experience in a life that is totally soul nourishing and fills us up with a billion shades of YES every day. But when we don’t know ourselves, we get caught up with bandwagon after bandwagon. We buy into the formulas that every guru is selling, and we devour hungrily but feel unfulfilled.

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On manifesting the money…

It’s not cheap to work with me.

Cheap is a relative term of course, and compared to some of my colleagues charging 3-10x what I do, I’m definitely a good deal for the experience I bring to the table, but working with me tends to start at about $1,000. Because many of my clients are either new to their business, or are shifting something because what they were doing wasn’t working, that initial investment can sometimes be a bit of a pinch, and in response, they’ll say to me, “I’m manifesting the money.”

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Lessons in Change

The full moon and it’s friend, the eclipse is coming (Monday, August 7th), and with it comes a schwack of ultra intense mojo that I’m currently wading through. Not only do I find myself regularly influenced by the moon, this one also happens to land on my 37th birthday PLUS the eclipse is closing a chapter that began on August 7, 1998.

There’s so much overlap in the lessons of my personal and entrepreneurial journeys, that I thought I’d take a minute to reflect on these last 19 years, and some of the lessons that came with them.

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