There’s got to be a more personal approach to branding and marketing strategy than the latest online course or membership site, right?

What if you didn’t have to source Facebook groups for feedback on your programs or opt-ins, and instead could leverage the experience of someone who has been there/done that over the last 12 years?

Introducing: The RAW Experience


one-on-one coaching to deep dive into the visioning, messaging, and branding of your business.

Here’s how it all goes down…

You’ll choose which of the RAW Experiences is right for you, and we’ll dive right in. We’ll have a brief chat to set goals for out time together, and decide if we’ll be exploring 1-2 topics in depth (like planning your marketing calendar, or a launch strategy) or if we’ll make quick, actionable steps (perfect for new business owners), with a different area explored on each call. These sessions are YOUR time, so you’ll have access to my experience and my intuition to use during that hour. You’ll be able to email questions between sessions (which will be answered during business hours), and I’ll keep the calls focused and on task to best leverage our time together.

If you’re in Vancouver, these sessions can be held in-person, however most of this work is done virtually over Zoom.

Some of my zones of genius that I love jamming about include:

  • Brand Messaging and Narrative
  • Packaging and Naming Your Services & Programs
  • Identifying and Attracting Dream Clients
  • Creating Compelling Offers and Taking Them to Market

Choose Your Experience

All prices listed in US$.

Ready to Dive In?

Here’s what people have said about working with me

“Seryna is not only brilliant at what she does, she is very intuitive, that is priceless. Her creative mind will challenge you. She meets you where you are and leads you to where you want to go. She makes you see the vision even when you can’t. She is a beautiful, fun and very warm. She knows so much about branding, messaging , creating and making money. Once she uncovers what is important to you and you both determine your ICA she is relentless in getting you to succeed. She is a gifted branding strategist.” Maria Lorenzo

“I was not sure how to start to put packages together and really put myself out there for my clients. Seryna dove right in and in a short time helped me figure out my focus and what I am good at so I can serve my peeps!! Seryna is very talented at really bringing out your best features and looking at every angle to really help you succeed. She has so many amazing ideas and really listens to you and is able to keep the conversation focused and moving forward in a very kind and creative way!! I was so shocked at how fast we moved from not knowing where to start to having packages ready to sell!!” Theresa Kuhn

“Seryna is a rock star, she marries her intuition with her profession skills to deliver epic results that you certainly cannot do on your own with so much ease, joy and delivery. I could not see the future of my brand. I was afraid I would not have the answers to my deepest questions. The process with Seryna allowed me over time to uncover what I already knew and Seryna was able to translate it for me. I enjoyed our calls. I really feel seen and understood and that is invaluable.” Mahan Khalsa

“I found Seryna by chance (okay maybe the hair helped her stand out…) I was immediately drawn to her energy, and knew that I wanted to work with her. Not just work with, I mean I knew that I needed her for my business. To say she has helped me with my branding is an understatement. From pricing + packages to visual aspects right through to life + business coaching, she is a complete package and complete genius at what she does. What I loved the most is that she truly understands who you are, and where you’re going, and you can literally feel her in your corner. Also, the fact she is part mermaid is pretty rad.” Kristy Powers

Refund Policy

I take your vision and my time very seriously and have a no refunds policy. I’m all in, are you?

Let’s have some straight talk…

Yes — you can poll Facebook groups for feedback and this will give you an idea of what the market wants or needs, but it doesn’t give you the follow through accountability support, or the personalized experience… because let’s be honest, you can only be so vulnerable in the comments section of a post. Plus it means opening up about your plans in a public forum, which leaves you up for poaching. And I hate saying this, because it sounds paranoid, but it has happened A LOT in the online space, and the last thing you want is someone getting your idea to market faster than you can.

Plus many people frequent Facebook groups for ideas and inspiration because they’re new to business. Working with me gives you access to a dozen years of experience in a TON of industries, in companies of various sizes. I’ve worked under the big budgets of brands like Microsoft, and small mom and pop pharmacies who DIY’d the hell out of everything.

Yes — you can do it with a friend for free… just make sure they have the experience you’re looking to leverage. If you’re in the same places in your business, you may need someone with a different approach to be able to guide you through to the next level, not only strategically, but emotionally. (As the saying goes, New Level New Devil.) Working with me isn’t just about the doing, it’s also about the feeling. And full disclosure, I’m equal parts loving support and loving ass kicker. So be ready to roll up your sleeves to do the work, because I’m leaping into the trenches with you.


The RAW Experience is right for you if:

✔ You’re starting a new business, or are shifting gears in your current one.
✔ You have so many ideas, but aren’t sure how to formulate them into offers.
✔ You’re having a hard time attracting the right clients to you.
✔ You approach business from the heart, with a desire to influence, impact and make a difference.

The RAW Experience is NOT for you if:

✘ You’re looking for a long term coaching program instead of a deep dive.
✘ You haven’t looked at your barriers between you and your next steps.
✘ You’re hoping to solve your problems by throwing money at them, instead of doing the work.

A bit about me…

I’m Seryna Myers, a sacred brand strategist and designer. I’ve built my career helping women show up authentically in their brands and in their business. I use my intuitive gifts to peel back the layers and expose the heart within your business, to know which questions to ask, and which supports to call in when creating your soul-aligned brand.

I’m an award-winning copywriter, and client experience manager and give all the credit for my corporate success to working from the heart, and treating every sales transaction as a client-centric activity. I started my career selling Microsoft Dynamics, and have worked developing brands of every size since.


What would we talk about?

Before our session, we’d get clear on what you wanted to discuss, what you want to prioritize, and where you need the most support. The conversations are divinely guided, and tend to take on the form that’s most needed, so a discussion around packaging can bring up money blocks for example. No topics are off limits, but I will make sure it’s something I can help with before we move forward.

What's the difference between RAW and The Naked Brand™

In most cases, these sessions are done independently of  my other projects. They’re for people who have their businesses, are looking to uplevel, or need to get deeper into strategy or execution. These sessions are best used to go DEEPER, so they can help you with what to do after you’ve set your brand up, when you’re needing to make a pivot in your business and are not sure where to go, or when you have a whole lot going on in your head and you need someone to help you extract it into a cohesive, executable plan that will help you make BANK.

The RAW Experience can be run alongside either The Full Monty or The Naked Brand™. We can talk branding (and even go through the process of choosing your colours, fonts, language, etc) during your session, but you wouldn’t receive any of the digital assets that come with The Naked Brand™. They can also be a great exercise before doing building a website with The Full Monty if your offers, opt-ins, services or audiences are not already clearly defined. However in most cases, the storytelling session is enough to build a foundation for both of these packages.

Just how woo-y will this be?

That all depends on YOU my sweet. If you want to go full woo and start off with a meditation and calling in your angels and guides, we can totes do that. However if you want to just stick to the basics, and do a deep dive without any of the spiritual stuff, I’m able to support you in that way too. They’re complimentary aspects of my business, but one does not hinge upon the other.

What if I need more sessions?

My current strategy which works best for my clients is to work in sprints. Additional individual sessions may be available at a cost of $255, at my discretion, ideally with some time in between for you to integrate and take action. My goal is to empower you, not make you dependent on my support.

What's the payment schedule like?

Payment in full must be received before the end of your program, and a deposit is always required to secure your spot. 4 hour programs can be broken up into 2 payments, and 8 week programs can be broken up into 3 payments. We will agree on a payment schedule on our compatibility call.

How do I prepare?

The basics: set the time aside in your calendar, and some time before and after so you’re not feeling rushed and you have some space to integrate. Keep your phone on do not disturb, and keep your browsers social media-free.

Beyond that, you’ll want to make sure you’re rested and hydrated for the session. For FIRE sessions, I sometimes find it helpful to keep healthy snacks on hand too. (We’ll break for lunch, but sometimes the noggin is best supported with a nibble.) Bring lots of questions, be prepared to talk and share openly, and tell me about what has and hasn’t worked for you in the past. (This isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach.) Bring whatever supports work best for you – for me this is notepads, pencils, pens and highlighters. Depending on what we’re doing, there may be other ways to prepare, so I’ll let you know before your session if there’s anything extra you should do.