Alright, be honest: do you have website shame? No judgment here, sweet one. But honestly, when you send people to your online home, do you secretly hope they don’t click the link?

What if I told you it was possible to LOVE your website, have it fully express who you are and how you serve AND roll it out aligned to a fully-executed brand? Feels good, doesn’t it?

Introducing: The Full Monty

a heart-centred website and virtual home that’s driven entirely from your soul-aligned brand. This is where we take the story crafted in The Naked Brand™ and tell it in an easy to navigate, easy to maintain website that your dream clients will LOVE.

Here’s how it all goes down…

We’ll start off with a chat to determine which website is the best fit for your needs and your budget. Once we decide to move forward, you’ll start building an inspiration board on Pinterest, and we’ll arrange a Story Session or Design Consult. If you’ve chosen a template site, it will be installed with your colours and fonts loaded for you, and work will begin on your custom header graphics. If you’re doing a custom site, we’ll start planning the function and layout and begin building. Your site will be filled with your content and royalty-free stock photos aligned with your brand. (Your website copy, hosting, sales pages, licensed photos and fonts are available for an additional fee.)

Website Packages Start at $3,333

Here’s what you get:

  • 1:1 Storytelling Session
  • 5-page Custom Divi Site
  • Installation of Opt-in Bar
  • Custom Header Graphics
  • Installation of Helpful Plugins
  • Site Loaded on  Your Hosting
  • PDF Instructions for Website Updates
  • Video Tutorial for Managing Your Content
  • 3 x Social Media Graphics
  • 1 x Print Design (business card, banner, etc)
  • Style Guide

Additional Add-On Services

Logo Design – $499

Copy Review – $999+

Website Copywriting – $1499+

Additional Social Media Graphics – $47+

Additional Print Design – $99+

Out of scope for all packages: domain names, web hosting, paid photos/fonts/design elements.

Post-launch support and maintenance available from Boho Fox Design.*

*All maintenance plans are between the client and Boho Fox Design. Seryna Myers Creative refers Boho Fox, but is in no way responsible for any work completed by them.

Prices are listed in USD.

All packages include the use of royalty-free fonts and stock photos.

Out of scope for all packages: domain names, web hosting, paid photos/fonts/design elements.

Post-launch support and maintenance available from Boho Fox Design.*

All maintenance plans are between the client and Boho Fox Design. Seryna Myers Creative refers Boho Fox, but is in no way responsible for any work completed by them.

Ready to Dive In?

Here’s what people have said about working with me

“We were completely unaware of how to start creating a clean efficient website and weren’t sure we were even asking the right questions. Seryna instead of diving in and letting us struggle through the process made us take a step back and create a vision for not just our website, but for our practice’s public image and branding, and from there guided us in how to make that come to fruition both in our website and office materials. Seryna works collaboratively with your business to not just crank out a generic website but to create a cohesive vision for your business’ public perception, from colour schemes, fonts and public communications. She earned enough familiarity and partnership with our group to feel empowered to be a taskmaster when necessary to keep us on target with timelines. We are extremely happy with our experience with her.” Dr. Shawn George

“I interviewed many web designers, but their language did not make sense to me. I was spoken to rather than being heard. I felt tiny, and  my opinions, needs, wants or voice meant nothing. I felt defeated. Was it me? Was it the industry? Or the people I was talking to?

Seryna is an  expert, very professional, web designer and friend. She understood my vision of what I wanted for myself and my website. She makes it fun, easy, and exciting to co-create and work with. I am honoured to have Seryna in my life.

I am excited to see many more of her work, as has brought me to life on my website.” Christine Johel

“I’ve been working with the incomparable Seryna Myers on new branding and a new website design, and I LOVE IT. This chick – I can’t recommend her highly enough. She listened to my ideas, brought her creative a-game, and came up with this beautiful new brand for eran jayne photography. I love, love, love it!” Eran Sudds

Refund Policy

I take your vision and my time very seriously and have a no refunds policy. I’m all in, are you?

Let’s have some straight talk…

Yes — there are people who design websites for peanuts.  I mean, not actual peanuts, but less than I charge. The web world is sometimes a “get what you pay for” environment, and sometimes, you’re paying for the experience. My rates are very reasonable when you factor in the additional brand support, plus all the divine juju that is infused with every project I touch. But you’re also paying for my advice and expertise, my dependability and care… and I’ll just say it: I love my clients and they can tell.

Yes — you can do it yourself… using website builders like Weebly and Wix, or even a basic Squarespace template. And if budget is your #1 concern, you should do that because progress is better than perfection. BUT – if you’re at the stage where you’re uplevelling your business presence, you need more than a website, you need an experience for your clients – and that’s not something you can easily DIY.

The Full Monty is right for you if:

✔ You’ve done some research and have an idea of what you want it to look like.
✔ You feel any website shame, and are ready to feel good instead.
✔ You approach business from the heart, with a desire to influence, impact and make a difference.

The Full Monty is NOT for you if:

✘ You don’t care how your site looks or feels.
✘ You aren’t able to articulate what you want.
✘ You aren’t ready to connect deeply, vulnerably, visibly.

A bit about me…

I’m Seryna Myers, a sacred brand strategist and designer. I’ve built my career helping women show up authentically in their brands and in their business. I use my intuitive gifts to peel back the layers and expose the heart within your business, to know which questions to ask, and which supports to call in when creating your soul-aligned brand.

I’m an award-winning copywriter, and client experience manager and give all the credit for my corporate success to working from the heart, and treating every sales transaction as a client-centric activity. I started my career selling Microsoft Dynamics, and have worked developing brands of every size since.


What if I'm not yet clear?

Clarity is key for you to get the most value out of this package. If you’re not sure about your brand’s message, values or audience, it may not yet be time to dive in. Instead, I could best serve you with The RAW Experience VIP session.

What about e-commerce?

We can definitely do an e-Commerce site with Divi, however this is an additional fee. Tthere are various e-commerce options for WordPress, the most common of which is WooCommerce. While your site is designed on the Divi theme, the commerce portion would be done by the plugin, regardless of which theme you used. If you’re an Etsy seller, there are plugins that integrate your shop with WordPress, which saves you from having to maintain two online stores.

Can I use my own hosting?

You would get your own hosting and once the final payment is made we’d migrate you over. I am a VERY firm believer in clients having their own hosting and their own admin logins at the end of a project. I know some people like to maintain control, but I’ve heard so many horror stories of people having their websites hijacked by designers due to contract conflicts etc, and I don’t ever want that to be an issue. I highly recommend SiteGround as a host. This is an affiliate link, but I referred them long before they paid me.

How long does it take?

A lot of this is dependent on you. Because of the co-creative approach I take to my work, it’s essential I receive info and feedback from you on a prompt basis in order to keep a project moving forward in a timely way. The average website project takes about 6 weeks, however some take less (people with clear vision, pre-written content, and quick replies), and some take more (more complex sites, lots of other players like team members or photographers).

Can I update my site myself?

With your website, we can make it as open or closed as possible. For clients who are less tech savvy, I give them an admin login that I suggest they save for their tech person (or me), and I give them a more locked down login that they use for every day stuff like updating their blog. We’d create something that is aligned with your comfort level. If you’re good for doing updates, you’d have an admin login for your every day use. This gives you the ability to add pages, change content, anything you want.

What's the payment schedule like?

The Full Monty is divided into 3 payments: 1/3 at the time of signing as a deposit to secure your space, 1/3 after the branding guidelines are set and the basic website layout has been approved, and 1/3 at the end of the project, before final materials are delivered and website is migrated to your hosting. Other arrangements can be made depending on your needs and the delivery schedule.