Tired of showing up online with boring, lacklustre posts that don’t resonate with your dream clients?
Do your graphics fall flat, look inconsistent and feel unaligned with the experience you create and the value you deliver?

Are you ready to make a kickass first impression, and not only attract the right clients to you, but let them know what to expect when you work together?

Introducing: The Naked Brand ™

an inside-out approach to brand strategy that shifts the conversation from how you want your brand to look, to how it makes your dream clients feel. My signature framework helps you tell your story authentically, in a way that resonates deeply with the people you’re here to serve.

Here’s how it all goes down…

We’ll start off with a story session, where we’ll talk about who your clients are, what work you do, and how you want to make people feel. We’ll discuss how to tell your story with colours, and fonts, and which magic words you should include in your messaging. You’ll receive some social media templates branded to your business that you can start using to share your content online, and the design of a 2-sided business card that you can use when promoting yourself in person. You’ll also receive your brand’s brief, which will empower you with the guidelines you need to create your own graphics, or to roll out a consistent brand when working with any other designer.

Your Investment: $1197 ($1497 with logo)


Ready to Dive In?

Here’s what people have said about working with me

“You are the first designer who really got into my heart and created what I felt but didn’t know how to express. You are a true gift. Through our time together, and this creative process, my message shifted leaving me with more clarity and excitement for my business than I have had in a very long time.” Desirée Sher

“Seryna is a brand doula. She has literally helped me birth such beautiful things through her innate ability to assist me in clearing the clutter surrounding my vision. I give her very little and she gets me, it’s effortless co-creation. She has never disappointed, an absolute DREAM to work with. Everyone I’ve referred her way has had a similar experience. If you feel called to beautify and uplevel your brand, Seryna is your woman!” Nichole Sylvester

“With innovative suggestions and inspired work, Seryna helped me uncover and design in no time a business identity aligned with the business purpose and direction. Seryna has a beautiful and powerful combination of creativity, high energy, integrity, market knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit coupled with an enormous warmth and it is an absolute pleasure to work with her.” Carmen Padurean

Refund Policy

I take your vision and my time very seriously and have a no refunds policy. I’m all in, are you?

Let’s have some straight talk…

Yes — you can buy a branding package off of Etsy for $100 and it will include your colours, logos and fonts. And if you’re looking for just a visual experience, this is likely enough for you. However if you want to dig deep and reveal the story that your soul wants to tell, that’s not a transactional experience you can buy online – you need someone to extract it from deep within you with love and care.

Yes — you can do it yourself… if you’ve got countless hours to sift through thousands of fonts, and an eye for design with the ability to create colour palettes that evoke the right feelings and don’t overwhelm your dream clients. Hiring me doesn’t just get you access to the items in this package, you get to tap into over a decade of experience, and designs that are intuitively guided using channelling and clairaudience.

branding brief

The Naked Brand™ is right for you if:

✔ You’re starting a new business, or are shifting gears in your current one.
✔ You’re showing up consistently online but not having the results you hoped for.
✔ Your online content is resonating with the wrong people and needs an adjustment.
✔ You approach business from the heart, with a desire to influence, impact and make a difference.

The Naked Brand™ is NOT for you if:

✘ You’re not sure who your dream clients are, or where to reach them.
✘ You don’t have an offer to sell.
✘ You aren’t ready to connect deeply, vulnerably, visibly.

A bit about me…

I’m Seryna Myers, a sacred brand strategist and designer. I’ve built my career helping women show up authentically in their brands and in their business. I use my intuitive gifts to peel back the layers and expose the heart within your business, to know which questions to ask, and which supports to call in when creating your soul-aligned brand.

I’m an award-winning copywriter, and client experience manager and give all the credit for my corporate success to working from the heart, and treating every sales transaction as a client-centric activity. I started my career selling Microsoft Dynamics, and have worked developing brands of every size since.

Thinking about buying The Naked Brand™?
Here’s a recap of everything you’ll get:

1 x Story Session with me
1 x Branding Brief

(including which colours to use and their values, your brand’s fonts, magic words and messaging to use,
and an inspiration board that captures the look and feel of your brand)
3 x Social Media Graphic Templates used for sharing your posts online
1 x 2-sided Business Card Design for in-person networking


What if I'm not yet clear?

Clarity is key for you to get the most value out of this package. If you’re not sure about your brand’s message, values or audience, it may not yet be time to dive in. Instead, I could best serve you with The RAW Experience VIP session.

How do you know what to design?

There are 3 aspects to the work I do: what you tell me, my experience in design, and how I’m divinely guided. If you have a clear picture in your head, or a Pinterest board of inspiration, we can make some pretty potent magic. The more involved you are, the better — this should be a co-creative process.

But what about my website?

If you have an existing website, you can use the guidelines in your brand’s brief to make changes and align to your new brand. If you need a website, I can best serve you with The Full Monty, where you’ll get all of The Naked Brand rolled into your new site.

Can you work with my guides?

Absolutely! Some of my best (and I’ll be honest, easiest) work has come when I’ve channeled designs or copy with my client’s energetic supports. Let me know whose energy you most align with, and I can include them in the process.

What if I need more graphics?

This bundle is meant to give you the essentials to launch your new authentic brand. Additional designs can be found on the Work With Me page for an extra fee.

What's the payment schedule like?

The Naked Brand is priced in two installments – the first at the start as a deposit, the last at the end of the project, before the artwork is delivered. In some cases, this can be spaced out in three installments, please let me know if this is what you require.