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First impressions matter. Your customers will fall in love.


Websites, digital and print assets that tell your brand’s story.

Additional Services

When time permits between larger projects, I’m able to help clients in these other ways. All of this work is charged per piece, or per hour instead of the bundled approach of my core services above. Just a note: these services are all offered at a discounted rate when purchased as an add-on to The Naked Brand™ or The Full Monty.

Logo Design
Social Media and Podcast Graphics
Banner Design
Opt-in or PDF Designs
Print Designs (with or without copy) for Brochures, Rack Cards, Post Cards, etc


All prices listed on this website are in USD

Here’s How I Work

meditation smallerI take an inside-out approach to branding and design – so instead of making the primary focus about how things will look, I reach down deep and explore how things will make your dream clients feel. All of my work is intuitively-guided, and I mix my corporate design experience, with my spiritual energetic gifts when I create.

I’ve been working with energy since childhood (though I had no idea I was doing it then), receiving diving guidance using cards for over 20 years, and been creating intuitively for so long that I didn’t even realize I’d been doing it. It wasn’t until 2016 that I started to actively co-create for my clients, calling in divine supports, channeling content and designs, and using my intuitive gifts to help me navigate client projects.

My average work days include meditation, EFT, and prayer for energetic management, plus the usual social media networking, occasional Netflix binge, and kitty cuddles to keep me grounded.

Speaking Engagements

There’s a lot more than pink hair that makes me memorable. I share vulnerable, often funny stories from the heart. I have a deep passion for sharing my message on stage, in workshop or keynote fashion. These are the topics I most like to speak about:

Authenticity in Business
Self-Care for Entrepreneurs
Conscious Entrepreneurship
Soul-Aligned Branding

Hear one of my talks about the world needing your voice here.

No (wo)man is an island

If we choose to work together, you’ll be working with me, and some of my peers. Last year, I started to expand into a team approach on my projects as an act of radical self-care, as a way of focusing on what I do best, and as a way of helping more women get their message out into the world to start having bigger impact.

I’ve teamed up with some pretty incredible, totally heart-driven women who share my values and connection to the divine and to service. I will always be your main point of contact, and on larger projects like The Full Monty, I create the branding but also act as the Creative Director to make sure the vision is executed on brand. (It can sometimes get tricky when you have several cooks in the kitchen.) Your project may include a web designer, graphic designer or copywriter, and you may hear from my virtual assistant, but know that I’m deeply engaged with your project, and promise to have your back.

Every project starts with a Compatibility Call to determine if there's a fit.

What’s the story with all the naked talk?

Branding myself with language about nudity was not something I chose to do lightly. You can imagine that it ruffles the odd feather or two. I will tell you this: it’s not a gimmick, it’s not a way to be disruptive, and it’s not some attempt at making my business sound scandalous.

And if you know me, it’s not about my love for working pantsless.

The Naked Brand™ (and all the other language that follows it) is how I show I believe in showing up… exactly the same way we came into this world: vulnerable, exposed, and making such a fuss that we draw attention to ourselves. Naked for me is less about not wearing clothes, and more about being authentic, and real, and natural. It’s in the stories we share. The experiences we give our clients. The expectations we set with people before we even do business with them.

The Naked Brand™ is your invitation to show up, exactly as you are. 

Fully. Wholly. Truly.

See some soul-aligned brands in action

Some Love From My Clients

I’m lucky to work with some incredible people. They happen to like me too!

“You are the first designer who really got into my heart and created what I felt but didn’t know how to express. You are a true gift.

Through our time together, and this creative process, my message shifted leaving me with more clarity and excitement for my business than I have had in a very long time. ”

Desirée Sher

Desirée Sher Coaching

“With innovative suggestions and inspired work, Seryna helped me uncover and design in no time a business identity aligned with the business purpose and direction. Seryna has a beautiful and powerful combination of creativity, high energy, integrity, market knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit coupled with an enormous warmth and it is an absolute pleasure to work with her. ” Carmen Padurean

Basket Revolution

“I cannot recommend Seryna highly enough! She was so EASY to work with! I asked her to do the impossible and she didn’t just deliver, she gave me high quality work, provided a calm and organized atmosphere to bounce ideas off of and gave me exactly what I wanted in record time. I trust her vision, respect her work ethic, and adore her as a person. I can’t wait to work with her again!!” Dr. Juliana Morris

The Super Jewel Project


What to consider when hiring a designer


You need that perfect chemistry of technical skill and emotional connection. Your designer should be someone who gets what you and your business are all about, who you’re targeting, and how you’ll use the materials they create for you. They also need the technical proficiency to bring your vision to life.

It’s important for me to know I’m the right person to help you breathe life into your big, beautiful brand. It’s why I start every project off with a Compatibility Call.

So What's Next?

We may be strangers now, but in just one call we’ll feel like old friends. Wanna see if there’s a fit for us to work together? It all begins with a Compatibility Call, so whatcha waiting for? Apply for your chat and we’ll get this motha started!