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Sacred Soul Strategy for Life + Business

Hey, I'm Seryna Myers!

I help women on the rise begin creating a life and business with purpose, on purpose. It all begins with a sacred space to have honest conversations with yourself and your soul. I work with my intuitive gifts, your angels and guides, and your Akashic Records to help you get crystal clear on what you’re here to do, and to remove any of the barriers between you, and the life you’re here to live. Together, we’ll cultivate courage, let shit go, unleash your voice, and step into the power that’s been waiting for you to claim it.

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Sacred Soul Mentorship

The journey with Sacred Soul™ Mentorship is one of radical honesty and self acceptance. It’s a sacred container that explores the shadowiest bits that typically go unexamined, all with the help of your angels and Akashic Records.

Sacred Soul Branding

The Sacred Soul™ Brand Journey includes design essentials like colour and font pairings, and graphics for social media or print, it also digs deeper, not just into the heart of your brand, but to the heart of you: your soul.

“You’re the figure that gives permission to others to have a connection with the divine.
You’re the one who teaches people that normal people can have incredibly, radically, amazing lives.” 

Best Selling Author + Angel Expert

Which Sacred Soul™ Offering is for You?

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“Seryna is one of the most genuine energies I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  Whether she’s pouring out or lifting you up, she doesn’t hold back.”

- Tesa C.

“I LOVE working with Seryna.  Her insight and messages are so clear and she has an amazing way of being caring in the delivery - even when it's not what I want to hear!"

- Michelle C.

“Working with Seryna is comfortable while diving into that which may be a little messy and uncomfortable. You always feel supported and held, no matter what."

- Jill N.

"[Seryna’s Akashic Records Reading]  was unlike anything I've ever done, and both helped me release energetic weights and gave me confidence to move forward in ways I'd never previously considered."

- Michelle B.

"Seryna's intuitive ability and clarity is powerful... She nourished my soul with her insights, her conversation and her genuine support. She is one of a kind!"

- Cheryl R.

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Full Moon Guidance

It comes -literally- every month, and yet, somehow we're still surprised at how much emotional and energetic dust a full moon can kick up. And it's just the moon, right? NBD. Look, beautiful. If the tides of the ocean can be affected by the cycles of the moon, and...

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How I deal with money guilt

When I first started my business, I wanted to make my skills accessible to everyone. I had this branding package that was only $500 CAD (even if you were in the US), that took a long time to complete, and was beautiful and high value for the client, but lead to me...

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Find Your Sacred Soul™ Song

Your soul's north star, helping you navigate the road to alignment.

When you align to your soul's sacred song, you make a commitment to showing up more fully as your divine Self. This brings more ease, less pressure to be perfect, and a general sense of love and acceptance for yourself as a child of the divine.

I've prepared a quiz to help you determine which of the 7 soul songs you belong to. You'll receive a 10-page guide describing your sacred soul song in depth, with some additional supports that will help you bring more alignment, more self-care, and divine inspiration into your every day life.

What song is your soul singing?
The journey begins with a willingness to listen.

let's see if there's a fit, shall we?

You’ve taken a look, and like what you see – it’s now time to apply  for your FREE Compatibility Call. I create a safe space for honest conversations. We’ll chat over Zoom and you can share where your growth needs support, and I’ll let you know how I can help you get there.

It’s time for expansion – can you feel it? 

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