Your Journey to Radical Authenticity
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Break people-pleasing + self-sabotage cycles.
Heal ancestral + generational wounds.
Re-program your subconscious conditioning.

Create a wildly fulfilling life on your terms.

Disrupt the Patterns That Kept You Feeling Voiceless, Powerless & Unworthy

1:1 Embodiment Coaching

Join me as we dive deep into the core of who you truly are with my personalized, no-holds-barred one-on-one coaching. Over four months, we’ll challenge the narratives that have shaped you and step boldly into a life of radical authenticity and powerful embodiment. This intensive program is for those ready to alchemize their shadows, celebrate their light, and radically alter their existence with courage and truth.

Spiritual Rebel Sacred Circles

Come together with fellow seekers who, like you, are tired of surface-level spirituality and crave profound transformation. This group coaching experience is our collective battleground for breaking cycles and forging new realities. Here, we harness our shared energy and insights in a space that dares to dive deep. Expect intense discussions, mutual journeys, and a fierce commitment to both personal and communal growth.

Before we get too far, you should know what you’re getting into…

Whether you coach with me individually, or in a group of your peers, I don’t just support you—I challenge and champion you.

Get ready to unleash your potential and embody the strength you’ve always possessed.

Hey, I’m Seryna

Leo Sun, Taurus Rising, Cancer Moon.

ENFP. Generator. Recovered Catholic.

Proud member and Supporter of the LGBTQIA+ Community

I’m a truth-seeker, soul navigator, and guide for spiritual rebels like you.

I’m not your typical spiritual teacher on Instagram spouting fluffy affirmations. (Aint nobody got time for that!)  I’m here to challenge norms and dive deep into the messy, beautiful journey of self-discovery.

My path to this work has been anything but conventional. Growing up surrounded by crime and addiction, fear was a constant companion. But it was also the catalyst for my edge, my resilience, my refusal to accept the status quo.

As an embodiment coach and shadow alchemist, I’ve walked the (sometimes shaky) path of radical self-acceptance. I’ve learned that anger is not the enemy—it’s the teacher. (I even wrote a book about it!)  And now, I’m here to guide you through your own journey of unapologetic authenticity.

So if you’re ready to break free from the chains of people-pleasing, shed the layers of societal conditioning, and step boldly into your authentic power, then you’re in the right place. Together, we’ll rewrite the rules and embrace every facet of your being.

Welcome to a world where everyday magic and grounded guidance intersect.

Your transformation begins here.

In Her Words

Love From my Community

My Approach

In this space, transformation isn’t just encouraged—it’s inevitable. As the heart and soul of my work, I believe in a holistic approach to personal growth that honours every aspect of your being.

Embrace Your Truth

Dive deep into the core of who you are, uncovering hidden truths and celebrating your unique essence.

Radical Authenticity

Break free from societal expectations and embrace your authentic self with courage and conviction.

Shadow Alchemy™

Transform darkness into strength, exploring your shadow side with compassion and curiosity.

Soulful Integration

Bridge the gap between the spiritual and the practical, embodying your truth in every aspect of your life.

Guided by Intuition

Trust in the wisdom of your soul, unlocking hidden insights and reaching your highest potential.

Empowered by Action

Turn insights into tangible change, with actionable strategies and tools to support your journey.



Step into Your Power with
The Upleveled Woman

Ready to shake things up and reclaim your true self? The Upleveled Woman is your ticket to transformation. This bold video series is designed for women who are done playing small and ready to own their deepest desires.

In this series, you’ll learn to:

  • Embrace Your Desires Unapologetically: Your desires aren’t just wants—they’re necessities for your soul’s liberation.
  • Break Free from the Past: Let go of old patterns and make room for the changes that will set you free.
  • Overcome Inner Resistance: Bust through shame, unworthiness, and the illusion of busyness.
  • Conquer External Challenges: Navigate and reshape the obligations that stand in your way.
  • Claim Your Power: Align your actions with your true self and thrive.

Transform the way you live and lead. Move from feeling stuck to living with purpose and joy. Reconnect with your desires, reclaim abandoned parts of yourself, and step boldly into the life you deserve.

Ready to rise? Sign up now and start your journey to becoming an upleveled woman.


What I Know About You

You’ve always been the one people ask for advice, but find it hard to feel safe being vulnerable and opening up.

You are more than the roles you play and the work you do, but sometimes you forget.

You are a natural connector, have a kind and generous heart, and even though you are well-liked you never feel like you quite fit into the circles you run in (or are born into perhaps…)

You’re “heady” and have mastered everything the mind has to offer and you’re curious how embodying more of yourself, trusting yourself (and your intuition) can improve your relationships, your confidence and your work.

You’re a powerhouse and here to create EPIC IMPACT through your life and leadership.

It all begins with you claiming all that you are, all that you need, and rebuilding the bridge between your head and your heart. Expand your capacity beyond your calendar… create space for enjoying life again!


Ready to Transform?

You’ve heard the call. Now it’s time to act. Embrace your journey to embodying radical authenticity and unapologetic power. Your path to true self-discovery begins here.



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