Welcome to the 555 Portal

Let’s talk about this 555 portal (May 5th 2+0+2+1)…

I’ve been feeling it coming before I even realized what it was. I planned the launch of my new podcast for today (not realizing the additional 5 energy in the year) because it felt extra magical. But feeling it wasn’t enough for my little Type A brain… I needed to know and understand what was brewing, so I sat down to jam with my guides about what the energy is here to teach us.

5 sits right in the middle of the 1-9 spectrum. 1 energy tends to be about new beginnings and 9 energy is often endings and completion energy, so it’s no wonder that 5 is the pendulum that swings in both of these directions. It’s not about endings for the sake of endings, but because new energies are coming forth and need room to exist and to evoke the change they came to make. So this is really an invitation for us to examine the aspects of our lives that we’ve known weren’t really aligned for us anymore and that we may have been clinging to, so we can lovingly set them free.

(Selfishly, I love this validation. Last week I spent on a solo retreat with a lot of talking to my guides in meditation and rituals. They were preparing me for this work, asking for me to evaluate everything from relationships to beliefs and thoughts so that I was moving forward with the most supportive elements and letting go of the rest.)

We are at a pivotal point of change my friend. Here are the specific messages that came through for how this will impact us as individuals, in our relationships and in our work.

How the 555 portal will impact you as an individual:

This is a time for uncomfortable conversations with yourself, a soul-level audit of what aspects of your life bring you joy, and what aspects are asking to be shifted or changed. This sounds like serious work, and without a deep spiritual practice it may seem intimidating or even overwhelming – but that’s not what’s being asked of you. The guides have two words for you: GET CURIOUS.

This isn’t the time to overthink and overanalyze. You’re being asked to begin exploring other possibilities – let your curiosity, your joy and your pleasure guide you. It’s not something you need to figure out. When you let go of the things that are no longer working, you make space for new opportunities that not only feel good, but get you closer to your dharma, your purpose.

Change is allowed to feel good.

How the 555 portal will impact your relationships:

If exploring change in regards to your relationships has you worried that I’m going to say that every relationship with any trouble at all needs to end – please take a deep breath. It’s only in the most extreme of circumstances that this will happen, and when it does, reading this blog post won’t be the thing that brings it to fruition… the ending will have already been in progress. Ending a relationship is only for those who know it’s time and have prepared for it, so if that’s not you, you’ve got nothing to concern yourself with here.

But what all people have to explore with this portal and their relationships is in how we connect and communicate with each other. It’s easy to fall into patterns and habits when we’re with someone for any given length of time, we sometimes become complacent about things within the relationship, including how we show up for it, that could definitely use a dusting-off.

Are there things in your relationship that could feel a bit better?

Maybe it’s how you discuss difficult topics. How you manage your money. Your morning or bedtime routines. Or even the distribution of household responsibilities.

Maybe it’s how you express (or don’t express) your needs and your feelings. How you prioritize everyone’s needs before your own. Or even how disconnected you are from what you want because no one has asked you and you haven’t stopped long enough to ask yourself.

These changes are possible to make, but they require some courageous conversations to get started. I know this to be true: you are worthy of a beautiful, divine union of equals where you get to show up as your wholly expressed self.

How the 555 portal will impact your work:

I love that we’re experiencing this 5 energy while still being deep in the fresh new beginning vibes of spring. We’re in that co-creative space where the intentions you set at the beginning of the year are starting to come to fruition, and we’re being invited to look at a few aspects of this work.

Are the intentions you set at the beginning of 2021 what you still desire?

It’s okay if they aren’t, but it’s important that you make some pivots to ensure you’re not working hard to manifest the wrong things. You can ask your angels and guides to help you clear these intentions if they’re no longer aligned (the archangel Metatron is especially good at this) and you can powerfully declare to the universe that you’ve cleared this intention and are now working towards something else. (Make it extra juicy and do a ritual with the new moon to magnify your manifestation work.)

Does your work still fill your cup?

This is a question for anyone who is working for themselves, for someone else, stay at home parents and volunteers. Sometimes we get so focused on the productivity hamster wheel that we lose sight of how it’s even feeling anymore. This is extra tricky when we’re successful at what we’re doing and we begin to create stories of not being grateful for the bounty we’re living… but that’s not it at all.

You are a changing, growing, evolving human being. It’s natural that what feels good may change. If your work doesn’t light a spark inside you like it used to, it’s okay to try doing it differently, pursue other opportunities, or let things go all together. Let your heart lead the way. You’ll know when it’s time to shake things up.

This is a time for uncomfortable conversations with yourself, a soul-level audit of what aspects of your life bring you joy, and what aspects are asking to be shifted or changed.

A loving reminder…

The 555 energy brings us this one caution: a reminder that there will come a time where we’ll need to shift away from pure exploration and get back to the business of showing up and taking aligned action. The invitation for curiosity that comes with the 555 portal can sometimes lead us into the realms of distraction or confusion: where we find ourselves lost for direction or unable to commit. When joy is your guide, all things are possible. This is an exercise in trust for you to tap into not just your pleasure, but the wisest parts of yourself that knows what your soul needs for its next level expansion. 

Explore – find resonance – take action.

Don’t worry about giving yourself a bit of time through this process. You don’t need to feel overwhelmed even though you’re being asked some really big questions. Everything is unfolding to support your highest good and truth, so try to let go, embrace flow, and explore all of it with a playful curiosity. 

We’re working with a LOT of energy right now (the coming and going of endings and beginnings can sometimes feel intense) so managing your mojo is crucial at this time. Make sure to grab my free guide The Lightwalker’s Guide to Energy Management to have some tools to support you during this time. 

Portal energy is always an invitation to upgrade, but you’ve also got freewill. So if maintaining the status quo is more your jam, keep doing you friend. However if you’ve had a subtle knowing that change is needed, NOW. IS. YOUR. Time.

With love and magic,



PS: If podcasts are your jam, make sure to check out my new show Sacred Sips that I co-host with my brilliant friend Richelle Payer.  We dropped the first 3 episodes today and will have new shows for you twice a month!

It all begins with a conversation…

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