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Collection of unfinished spiritual books, empty coffee cups and distracted meditations?

Deferred my power to teachers, leaders and “gurus”?
Double Check.

Worked out how to walk an ACTUAL spiritual life (one that’s sometimes messy and not instagram worthy) instead of just talking the talk?
Check. Check. Check.

Today my work helps people integrate their spirituality and their life. My clients live audacious, imperfect lives filled with integrity, using their heart’s truth as their navigation system.

Meet Seryna Myers

Sacred Soul Mentor

Inner work has been my jam for my entire life, but more consciously for the last 13 years. I worked through all the fears and resistance I had to claiming my intuitive gifts that I’d been burying since my youth, and then worked through the imposter syndrome that came with owning my power.

Here’s the big secret: total self acceptance comes from seeing your whole self, even the shadowy bits, and loving all of it. It all begins with a sacred space to have honest conversations with yourself and your soul. It’s simple, but not always easy work, and I believe in making the process as joyous as possible.

Let’s make some magic together…. ↓


With over 25 years of experience in intuitive readings, I’ve helped hundreds of people create purposeful lives and businesses.

My work has deepened the impact of

around the world.

The Inner Compass Mapping Method

There are 3 sacred steps required to navigate life with your inner compass.

In this document I share my signature framework with tips to help you manage your energy, awaken your gifts, and build confidence so you can work your light with joy, love, ease, and grace. 

Ready when you are!

On demand digital downloads + spiritual courses to fit in every schedule.

We can’t treat spirituality as a one-size-fits-all scenario. I’ve created a lot of digital content to support a spiritual life and business to make this work accessible to everyone, everywhere. (As it should be.)

I’ve created meditations, mini courses, digital downloads and full programs that you can do at your own pace, as time and energy allows.

- Join The Lightwalker's Path -

We're better together.

Inner work can feel wonderfully cozy when you feel the support of other people on the journey along with you.

Join my online community, The Lightwalker's Path to connect with your follow journeyers. It's a sacred container where people get raw and real about their experiences on a spiritual path. There's vulnerable sharing, and some laughing at the lighter side of it all as well.

We're challenging the story that the healer's journey has to be a hard and lonely one. If your heart craves community and connection, we'd love to have you join us.


I'm Seryna

I help people on the brink of claiming their excellence navigate all of the layers between who they are now, and the potential for who they can choose to become. I believe in living a life with purpose (on purpose), and that inner work can unfold with joy, ease, and grace. 



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