It’s time to call out a lie we’ve all been told. Sometimes… your best, won’t be enough.

Sometimes… you will fail.

Ugh, that word fail… it’s like the 4-letter word that makes most entrepreneurs cringe… more so than an eff-bomb or two. It’s the thing we avoid most. It’s the thing we most fear. Especially because, let’s be honest – how many of us forget who we are when we start our businesses? We invest so much of ourselves – our hearts, our energy, our time, that we forget that we are not our business, we are just the people running it. So when we fail at business, sometimes we take that so personally that it feels like WE are failures.

But we’re not.

Failing is actually not that big a deal. It’s important to really make that distinction, and to never EVER lose the willingness to fail. Because when we do, we stop taking risks. When we do, creativity and innovation are stifled. When we do, the world loses. So please, never stop being willing to make mistakes, or fuck up, or TRY. Life would be so damn boring if you did.

So where does this come from? Why am I writing on a business blog about failure? Isn’t that going to make me lose credibility?


But frankly, if hearing this, my TRUTH, makes you think I’m not someone you’d want to do business with, then we likely wouldn’t be a fit anyways.

My retreat, Summer of Soul is cancelled. It was a hard decision to make, it happened even though I did my very best, it happened because at the end of the day: my best wasn’t enough. And that’s alright.

Because social media is so full of people sharing their “greatest hits” (the highlight reel) and covers up the shittier side of business (the blooper reel), I thought it was important to share about this journey. I want to normalize these discussions, so people can feel free to share their own journeys honestly. Cause there’s enough bullshit online.

And if you’re anything like me, you’re tired of the bullshit.

If you’re curious, here’s my Facebook Live, sharing the journey: 

Now, back to your regularly scheduled surfing!



PS: Thanks for accepting my authentic truth. It makes it easy to show up exactly as I am when my tribe receives it so lovingly. Speaking of my tribe – are you a member of The Tribepreneur Collective?


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