15+ Years of Deep Spiritual Exploration

I guess you could call this my origin story..

When I say ‘all of you is welcome at my table’, I mean it. I grew up surrounded by poverty, addiction and crime. Lost myself to imposter syndrome and the fear of being found out. Reclaimed the Truth of who I am beyond the roles I play. THAT is true liberation.


Spiritual Awakening

After seriously judging someone for their horrible scrunchie, I began to recognize that the (ultra critical) voice in my head wasn’t in fact me.

This ultimately lead me to 5 years of shamanic plant ceremonies and breathwork, leaving my corporate job, and building a relationship with the unseen world and my spirit team.


Divine Service

My first foray into alternative healing was working as a neurofeedback technician for 3 years. After leaving I knew I could be of loving service in new ways and went on to study reiki, aromatherapy, akashic record reading, mediumship, angel communication and so much more.

I was never meant for the cubicle life. Most of us aren’t.



Psychic Gift Reclamation

Despite living my entire life as a Clairsentient and Claircognizant, I was reluctant to use the word ‘psychic’. After weeks of insomnia and 3am wake up calls from my guides it became harder to deny.

Activating and fully claiming my gifts meant challenging old shadow stories and programming from the church I grew up in. It was also the beginning of me fully owning my Truth, and serving my community in new ways.



The Great Uplevel

The pandemic shook up the entire world, and for me it was no different. I experienced massive changes in my marriage and home life, a new relationship with my body and my mental health, and ultimately lead me to new levels of wealth I’d never dreamed of.

We bought our first home on Vancouver Island and learned a new pace of life… more being, less doing. (And we haven’t regretted it for a second!) 


Embodied Power

Somatic practices and daily devotion have helped me step into new ways of being, with more power and potency. I stopped operating from the heart up and started grounding deeper into my root, confronting the stagnant energies and stories that had lived there and slowed my progress.

Bringing in the body through movement, connection and food has been soul medicine, and has allowed my cup to remain overflowing so I can be of better service. Honouring myself leads to more joy, more pleasure, better boundaries and an unfuckwithable nature.

Here’s what I know about you

It’s time to claim your delicious life

You’ve always been the one people ask for advice, but find it hard to feel safe being vulnerable and opening up. You are more than the work you do, but sometimes you forget.

You’re “heady” and have mastered everything the mind has to offer and you’re curious how trusting yourself (and your intuition) can improve your client sessions.

You’re a powerhouse and here to create EPIC IMPACT.

It all begins with you claiming all that you are, all that you need, and rebuilding the bridge between your head and your heart. Expand your capacity beyond your calendar… create space for enjoying life again!


My path is unique to me and my privileges, marginalized identities, opportunities, and personality.

As someone with both marginalized and privileged identities, honouring the truth of *what is* at this time in history while deconstructing internalized white supremacy, ableism, and patriarchal systems is complex. I’m not perfect. I am committed to the work. And as a white person I benefit from the patriarchal systems of white supremacy that we live in – even though I’m also fat, queer and a woman.

Acknowledging this is important. Naming things as they are allows us to deconstruct them with more ease, and it will allow you to explore whether I’m the right fit for you.



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