Ugh… if you’re anything like me (a bit type-A, a bit of a martyr complex) you likely HATE asking for help. In fact, when you saw my headline you either cringed, or you kept scrolling cause you were like “Nope, Seryna, you’re great and all but I don’t wanna talk about asking for help.”

I get it. I do.

But today I had the most AMAZING realization about it. So I’d like you to press pause on the shivers running down your back at the very thought of asking someone for help (ESPECIALLY in your biz) and hear me out. Cool? Cool.
My main philosophy is to “lead with generosity.” I’ve posted about it here, I’ve blogged about, shared it in my videos, etc. If you’ve followed me for longer than 5 minutes, you’ve not only heard me talk about this, but have likely seen me walk the walk too. My consults are pitch-free and full of recommendations based in over a decade of experience. I give advice for friends and colleagues who are in the budding stages of their business. I over deliver with most of my clients. I give public praise when companies do right by me. And I volunteer my time for causes I care about. Being generous doesn’t have to be cash-based, it’s being giving in everything you do, and in the business sense, providing value.
But here’s the thing with givers… We often SUCK at receiving.

And we need to work on that. Because here’s the thing… That delightful/warm/fuzzy feeling we get when we give to others… we’re denying people experiencing that when we don’t allow them to give to us.

And when we need help, it’s okay to ask! People (especially the ones you’re always supporting) are HAPPY to help and return the favour. It feels GOOD to be able to support you in the way you’ve supported them. The only catch is, they’re not psychic… so it means getting over yourself a little and asking for the help you need.

When it comes to business, asking a friend to share your service/event/product is not about you making money… it’s about getting more exposure to more people you’re able to help. Sure, that may turn into money, but if you always come from a place of service, and generosity, you basically can’t go wrong.

There’s a mantra someone shared with me that I absolutely love, and I’d like to share it with you: I serve. I deserve.

Simple, right?

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