When was the last time you asked your peeps if they know what it is you do…?

When we’re networking on social media, whether it’s via posts, or in groups (especially when it’s our own group!) we seem to create this facade that we have it all together, that we know everything, and this creates a big division between us, and our dream clients. It makes us unapproachable, and frankly, it makes us ‘fraidy cats to ask them that they want, or if they even know what we offer. Because hey, if we know everything, why would we have to ask, right?


We ask because we give a shit.

We ask because we want to make sure the investment we’re making in our content, and in our offerings, and in our ads promoting our offerings IS WORTH IT. We want to know that our efforts have impact, and the only way we can determine that, especially in the early days before the dolla dolla bills are rolling in, is to ASK. We also get to hear their thoughts in their own words which is copywriting GOLD. And who you ask will vary differently… so ask a lot of peeps to find the trends.

Yesterday, I posted this in my group, The Tribepreneur Collective:




Then, I asked some clients who aren’t in my group. The answers were all VERY similar, but with very different language. The big variance was in how magical, or how muggle they were. Listen to the difference:

“You are obviously a small business consultant that can help with branding and website development. You help small businesses develop a concept of how they want to appear to the public eye and help unify their presence online and beyond to convey that message”

This was from my LEAST magical client. Though lovely (magical is not a pre-requisite to working with me, but being awesome is), he comes from a scientific background, and is VERY un-woo. Compare it to this one from a healer…

“I think you help strategically brand, you help people out people’s unique magic in their Branding; help with marketing & you’re a coach!.”

Coach vs. Consultant. Unique magic vs. concept of how they want to appear.

You can imagine if I was targeting the science-y types talking about magic, they’d check out pretty quickly. Or if I spoke about concepts, and conveying a message instead of alignment and soul purpose to the woo-folks, they’d be like “Ugh, she’s too corporate for me.”

It’s not enough to assume your message is getting across in the way you intend. Asking helps you to refine, reshape, repackage your stuff so that it not only feels good for you, but gets through to your dream clients. You need to know what effect your work, and your words has on your peeps. And you need to not be afraid to ask them. While it’s great to say “I don’t care what other people say, I’mma do what I want”, and you should go out and do you, don’t get me wrong, it’s not enough. Impressions matter. Language matters. And if you’re not using the right ones, your peeps can’t find you. Or they’ll think you’re not for them. And that would be a damn shame because they need you. Badly.

I was excited to see that my peeps know what I do. I realize that should be a given because it’s what I do for a living — help people convey their magic, and so on — but I invest a lot of love, and a lot of energy into my group, and it’s grown very slowly, and at this point has driven a lot of my revenue… which is fine. I’m all about the slow and steady progress – it tends to help me from having upper limit freakouts. (Wish I was joking, hahah) So I wasn’t able to just use revenue as a measuring stick. But that one post… one simple conversation, told me that YES, they get it. They get ME.

Don’t be afraid to ask your peeps. They love you, and want to see you succeed.

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