You are a powerful, capable creatress, who is tuned in, turned on, and capable of so much more than you know.

But somehow, somewhere, you’ve forgotten.

You started looking to others for signs of what you should be, what you should want, what you should have, instead of just tuning in and asking your inner goddess what would best serve you. You were told there was one way to walk the path of the light, so you did that, but even following all of the rules, something felt kinda off… misaligned… not right.

That’s because it wasn’t.

Because while you may not know it right now, YOU, precious, are power embodied. You are a rule breaker, a spiritual rebel with a cause, and someone who is more than ready to ruffle the feathers of the status quo so you can be, do, and have your heart’s desire.

You are ready, my sweet. Ready, willing, and able to move through the stuff between you and all that you’re here to become so you can light the world on fire in the best possible way. You are ready to connect with the infinite source of Love (yes, with a capital-L) and all the ways it will enrich your life.

If you are untapped potential sitting in a powder keg, then I’ve got the match that’s going to help you E X P L O D E.

All it takes is a few steps to align yourself with divine love, so you can co-create the life of your dreams with the help of your angels and guides.

Yes, YOU can do all of this – without the help of priest, pastor, medium or a Ouija board… because connecting with angels, guides, ascended masters, is your God-given divine gift, and is not reserved for the select few. I’m going to show you how…

Introducing: By Divine Love

a restorative weekend retreat of angelic experiences
for heart leaders, conscious creators, and soul seekers


September 27 to 29 | White Rock, BC

Picture this:

Two full days of angelic immersion alongside a handful of your fellow lightwalkers, walking the path. Your weekend will be filled with angelic connections, divinely downloaded individual messages, rituals, and ceremonies. You’ll learn practical tools to connect with your angels and guides, and leave with your heart overflowing. This event is intentionally intimate so we can dive deeply, and safely, into our inner work, so limited space is available.

Every touch is taken care of, and your soul and body will be nourished. All meals from Friday’s dinner to Sunday’s lunch are included, as well as daily fresh-pressed juices, herbal teas, and coffee.

Please note: it is important to not consume alcohol or recreational substances from the evening before the retreat until after our time together is complete. Please honour this sacred request from the angels. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Your Investment:

$777 CAD after August 1st, 2019

Registration is currently closed. Email me to be notified about any potential openings.

Refund Policy: while there are no refunds on your retreat, registration is transferable if for some reason you find yourself unable to attend.

What’s Included

Workshops, meditations, rituals, and ceremonies

Vegan, gluten-free meals and snacks

Welcome and parting gifts

Hugs, support, conscious connection

What’s Not Included

Transportation to/from the venue

Accommodations (special pricing has been secured)

Parking (day rates available at the hotel)

Travel insurance, passports, or visas

The location:

Our workshops will be hosted in a large suite at the Ocean Promenade Hotel in White Rock, BC, a suburb of Vancouver. We’ll be right by the iconic boardwalk, with ocean views, in a cozy home-like setting. White Rock is also very close to the US border, making it easy for our American friends to join us.

I’ve secured the following special rates for those requiring somewhere to stay:

2 Queen Rooms are $115 and King Rooms are $125.
Studios and suites are also available at a promotional price, starting at $149.

Locals are also invited to attend, which is why accommodations are not part of the event pricing.

Our time together includes breaks and space to integrate (introverts and HSPs – I’ve got you!), which you are more than welcome to spend by the beach (weather-permitting), in your room, or anywhere you can find close by that will support your processing.


(See an example of the schedule)

Why do this as a retreat?

In my coaching practice, I see people who are nurturing their connection to the divine, but many of them feel a bit shaky about it, and they’re worried they’re doing it “wrong“. Some of them are people who were naturally very intuitive as children, but who were taught that their connection was actually just their vivid imagination and not an actual dialogue with the angels. Others have been repairing their faith after challenging times with the church, often times after being cast out and condemned. Their openness and willingness to do this work is some of the bravest things I’ve had the privilege of witnessing.


The sacred space I create is one that is ripe and fertile for angelic connection. It is one based on safety and trust so people can feel free to honestly explore parts of themselves that have previously gone unexamined, and one where bonds are forged through sharing the journey. We are communal creatures, and while solo processing is a valuable tool, allowing yourself to be supported and seen is soul nourishing in a way that can’t be experienced on your own.


The goal of this gathering is to act as a factory-reset for your soul. It’s a return to your sacred self. The stresses, anxieties, overstimulation and hyper-vigilance that comes with modern living creates this energetic and psychic debris in our fields. In our time together we’re going to shake that up and let it go, along with the walls we’ve kept up around our hearts, and open up to receive the bounty that life has to offer… none of which is available when we’re walking around with shields up all of the time.


You’ll learn not only how to open up, but how to energetically protect yourself so that it’s safe to navigate the world from this place of openness and receptivity, and you’ll learn my favourite tools for keeping your energetic boundaries set.

I’m a sacred soul mentor, angel guide, and akashic records consultant. I’ve built my career helping women access their heart’s truth so they can build lives and businesses with purpose on purpose. I do this by working with their angels and guides, and the wisdom of all their soul has experienced. I believe our deepest healing happens in a sacred container, as a group, where we can learn, grow, share, experience and be vulnerable together. That’s where the real magic happens.

As my guest, I’ll be taking care of all the little details to ensure your hearts, your energy, and your vessel are tended to, and I’ll send you home with a few extra goodies to help you create the sense of ceremony and ritual when you’re back in your everyday life.

about the name

By Divine Love was the first name I used when I started a business. I was crafting energetically infused gemstone jewellery, and creating hair pieces, which then evolved into aromatherapy products that would later become my line, Pampered Goddess. The name is two fold: it speaks to how I do all things: by divine love, and also to how all things are possible: by divine love. These 3 words fill my heart with potential, with purpose, and with pure light… it’s very much in line with the experience I’m creating in this retreat.



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