The Bohemian Soul

Your soul song is Bohemian. It’s equal parts non-conforming, flower-child, planet-loving rebellion.

Bohemian souls are the most eco-friendly, with sustainability being one of their core values. Their followers will see it in action with their feeds being full of recycled and upcycled materials, handmade products, and a lifestyle that’s good for both people and planet. (Think green, think organic, think the buy local movement.) We’ll likely see these values showing up in your work life as well.

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My name’s Seryna, and I’m a Sacred Soul Mentor who helps high achieving women create more freedom, joy, and purpose in their lives and their work through soul aligned living.

My signature process of psychic gifts, angelic messages, and wisdom from your Akashic Records gives you a deeper understanding of yourself, widens your perspective of possibility, and gets to the root of anything holding you back from the magic you’re here to make.

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