I see you.

You with the big, bold message that will change the world, burning inside you, aching to get out.
You with the big dreams who instead of moving mountains is bogged down in the sludge of not knowing what to do next.
You with the big mission that you’re finding hard to articulate, so your blog, your website, and your social media content fall flat; and worse, don’t feel authentically like YOU.

But what if it could be easy… effortless… and dare I say… BEAUTIFUL? Even better, what if you could execute all of that clarity in a matter of weeks AND get a soul-nourishing retreat all at the same time?

A mid-week retreat giving you everything you need to launch your
big, beautiful, soul-aligned brand

September 19-21, 2017

You’ll spend 2.5 days, digging into the heart of your brand, nestled in the beautiful wilderness of British Columbia. You’ll have photo, video, and coaching sessions that capture your brand’s story, meditations to keep you focused and high-vibe, and a new moon ceremony to start aligning the energy of the new direction your business is taking.

You’ll have lots of downtime for relaxation and reflection, and you’ll be snuggled down into cozy cabins at the beautiful Nectar Yoga B&B. Everything’s taken care of for you… your coaching, photo and video shoots (and the hair and make up that goes with them), meals, and more. You’ll receive ample support, before, during, and after the retreat, in the most nurturing, soul-enriched ways.

(Can’t you just feel the coziness?)

Re-branding can be a vulnerable process, especially when you’re shifting the conversation beyond what things simply look like, and really exposing your heart into your work. You will be lovingly supported throughout this process, not only by us, but by the small tribe of heart-centred women who are on the journey alongside you.

Within a few weeks of your return, you’ll receive everything you need to launch your new brand, so that it feels like a beautiful, natural extension of YOU. You’ll have content for online, new photos, a short video, but also launch graphics and a strategy plan to help you make maximum impact with your new content.

Sounds good, right? There’s only one catch…
We only have space for 4 women.

While scarcity is a common marketing tactic, we’ve chosen an intimate venue that allows us to give a VIP experience at a friends and family price point. Simply put, if we had more participants, we wouldn’t have the ability to spend as much time with each of you, and that’s just not the experience we want to create.

Here’s a breakdown of everything included…


  • Your brand storytelling session
  • Branded photoshoot consultation
  • Brand Guidelines & Moodboard

At the Retreat

  • Photo session including hair and make up
  • Video shoot including content footage, and voice over recording
  • Strategy session for implementing your new brand
  • All meals and shared accommodations


  • 30+ digital photos, including headshots and content shots
  • 60-90 second video with voiceover and action footage
  • Typographic logo in varied formats, including Vector
  • 5 Branded social media graphics and templates
  • Launch graphics and checklist to build anticipation before you launch

Total Value: Over $5,000

How much for all this goodness?

Your Investment is only $3,333
(or 3 payments of $1,177)

(All prices listed in Canadian dollars.)

Seryna is a brand doula. She has literally helped me birth such beautiful things through her innate ability to assist me in clearing the clutter surrounding my vision. I give her very little and she gets me, it’s effortless co-creation. She has never disappointed, an absolute DREAM to work with. Everyone I’ve referred her way has had a similar experience. If you feel called to beautify and uplevel your brand, Seryna is your woman! Nichole Sylvester

Kristy Powers… is an absolute pleasure to work with. She really cares about her clients, and takes the time to get to know them so she can project their personalities in the photos she takes. She has so much passion for what she does. She genuinely cares about her work and her clients. She will do whatever it takes to make sure you get the images you are looking for not to mention she is also super friendly and so easy to get along with! Gem Parker

Refund Policy

Because of the intimate nature of this retreat, we have only a handful of spots available making us rely on your commitment to attend. While we’re unable to refund your ticket, it IS transferrable before any work has taken place, so you’re able to send a friend in your place.

This is your invitation to mix business, with pleasure. Because let’s be honest, when we’re doing it right, business is a whole lot of fun, isn’t it? Sure, you could hire this out online, and spend time in a stuffy studio taking stiff photos and then go on a retreat for fun… but how likely is that? Many of our clients expressed their need for change long before they get around to working with us. With this retreat, we’ve packed in enough downtime so that you’re not just expressing your soul, you’re nourishing it.

We’ve made sure that you’re getting all of the essentials, including video which many people have considered a luxury in the past. Video has the power to tell stories in the most profound way. It has the best reach, and the best engagement on social media platforms, and is the quickest, easiest way to form an emotional connection with your dream clients.

Get Branded on Bowen is for you if…

  • You are a coach, healer, teacher, visionary… someone working to make the world a better place.
  • You dream up big ideas and you’re ready to take action to bring them to life.
  • You’re looking for ways to infuse more YOU into your brand, so marketing feels cozy, intimate, and effortless.
  • You’ve been in business for awhile, and you’re ready to get more visible so you can step out and be seen in a bigger, more authentic way.
  • You’re ready to get clarity of your purpose, attract your dream clients and start making a bigger impact

Sure, there’s 20+ years experience between us, but who the heck are we?

About Seryna Myers

I’m a sacred brand strategist who has been working in marketing for the last 12 years, helping businesses of all sizes tell their brand’s story on a bigger scale. Over the last year I’ve began integrating my spirituality into my business, so that I could go beyond a brand’s look and feel, and express it in the most soul-aligned authentic way. I believe a brand shouldn’t feel restrictive, but like a natural extension of who you are, and it’s my job to show you how to use it to have make connections and have a deep impact with your dream clients.

Visit my portfolio

About Kristy Powers

Okay. So I can’t say i came out of the womb with a camera in hand or that photography has been in my bloodline for generations. But I can tell you it’s been over 7 years since I’ve declared it my business and that almost immediately I knew capturing women was my passion. It’s about getting vulnerable in front of the lens and leaving with an empowering and uplifting experience. Merging this with the heart and soul of one’s business has curated my speciality of beautifully branded imagery. Together we design your shoot and launch you into being the face of your business.

Visit my portfolio.

Got Questions?
We’ve Got Your Answers Right Here…

What if I’m not photogenic?
One of Kristy’s super powers is in helping people relax, feel comfortable and be themselves in front of her camera. If you pair that with her technical knowledge of how to pose you, which angles to shoot at, and how to get the best light, we’ve got you covered.
How long can I expect to wait until I receive my final files?
If you provide us with everything before we gather, you will have everything included within 3 weeks of the end of the retreat.
What if I don’t know which direction to take my brand?
One of Seryna’s super powers is in getting to the heart of your brand. During your storytelling session you’ll uncover how to express your brand. She’ll even guide you through the voice over part of your video to help bring your story to life. (Fun fact: Seryna is a graduate from BCIT’s radio broadcasting program and is the winner of the Bill Smith Copywriting Award.)
I prefer an au naturale look, do I need hair and make up?
In order to capture you at your best, we still recommend you work with our stylists. Professional make up artists can enhance your features so that they’re camera friendly. It’s not about changing how you look, but more about working with the medium so it showcases you best. You will still look natural with neutral tones, and a pop of colour on your lips.
I have to travel - is there any chance of cancellation?
We’ve structured this event so that even if only one person purchases, we’re able to host the event. So if you buy a ticket, the retreat is definitely happening, barring any natural disasters.
I have dietary restrictions - can you accommodate them?
Please make sure you tell us what your needs are ASAP and we’ll do our best to meet them. We’ll make sure to let you know as soon as we’re able if there are any challenges, so that you can prepare.

Are you feeling the aching call of YES,
right down to your core?

Your Investment: $3,333 or 3 x $1,177

Email us to reserve your spot, and we’ll start the process for you.