Not Your Average Branding Package

I created the Sacred Soul™ Brand Journey because I saw a big need in the online entrepreneur space with regards to branding. While many designers were building mood boards and colour palettes and calling it brand strategy, not a lot of conversations were happening around how to make entrepreneurship a soulful, sustainable way of earning a living. Even intuitive designers were co-creating with Spirit on behalf of their clients, but not actually bringing them into the process. This had to change.

The Sacred Soul™ Brand Journey includes design essentials like colour and font pairings, and graphics for social media or print, it also digs deeper, not just into the heart of your brand, but to the heart of you: your soul. By working with your angels, guides, and the Akashic Records, I’m able to bring more depth, and more alignment, but because we’re creating with your soul (not on behalf of it), it will feel more like YOU than you ever thought possible. 

Your Sacred Soul™ Brand Journey will explore the following areas:

Your Brand Message

You’ll get a summary of what your brand is all about, articulated in a way that is both aligned to your soul, based on the wisdom from your records, as well as your dream clients to  make sure you’re attracting the right individuals. You’ll also receive some key words to include in your copy to build visibility, and to establish some repetition making your new brand both recognizable, and SEO friendly.

Your Dream Clients

Dream clients are the magical blend of the people who value your work and are happy (and able) to hand over their money, and the ones you light up working with. They’re who you’re meant to serve. 

Your angels and guides want your business to thrive, and will help you hone in on exactly who to work with so you’re able to create a resilient business. 

Your Soul-Aligned Purpose

After consulting with your angels and Akashic Records, we’ll get crystal clear on what you’re here to do, and how you’re meant to do it. We’ll have uncovered it during our sessions, but it will be included in your Guidebook to keep you focused, and aligned.

Guided Messages

I’ll include intuitive guidance I receive to support any barriers standing between you and your success (and the mindset shifts to remedy them), which self-care supports you need to stay focused and fuelled up, and an affirmation customized for you.

The fine-ish print: Any information you receive in our sessions is for educational, spiritual, inspirational and entertainment purposes only, and is not a substitution for any medical, legal, financial, psychological, or any other professional advice. 


What’s Included?

Soul Activation Call

During this 90 minute Zoom call we’ll get clear on your goals for your project, and then open your Akashic Records to get a deeper understanding of your bigger why, along with who you should be working and what needs to happen in order to have the most impact. If there are any energetic blocks, we can release them during this call.

Divine Design Calls

During the first 60 minute call, we will go over your inspiration so I can get a clear idea of the visual story your conscious mind wants to tell with your brand. After this call I will put together colour and font concepts that have been divinely guided for you to review and feel into. On our second 60 minute call, we will review the concepts and make any adjustments necessary to get your brand design details finalized. If you are DIYing any of your designs, you will also be provided with these guidelines so that you can start using them before your project has even launched.

Soul Exploration Call

During this 60 minute call, we will open up your Akashic Records and bring in any messages from your angels and guides that will provide you with additional support on your entrepreneurial journey. These can include self-care messages, things you may not have yet considered, and heart-focused mantras – any additional supports that will help you step into confidence and clarity as you begin to amplify your visibility.

Brand Reference Guide

This is like a graphic designer’s mood board amped WAY up. Your Reference Guide will include your design guidelines, along with a summary of the insights given by your Angels, Guides, and Record Keepers so you’ll have something to reflect on, and to keep you focused and on task when you start exploring different ways to be of service.

3 Design Elements for Digital or Print Use

+ list of 30 researched hashtags
+ 2-sided biz card design
+ 3 x social graphics (headers, quote templates, overlays)
+ banner design
+ flyer template to customize (canva or photoshop)
+ letterhead design
+ postcard design 
+ mailchimp template set up
+ opt-in pdf design up to 5 pages (no copy)
+ thank you cards
+ email signature graphic
+ cover page/footer for materials
+ 3 x Pinterest templates
+ 7 day launch graphics announcing new brand
+ handwritten name graphic for signatures


+ extra designs
+ typographic logo
+ copywriting
+ book cover design

Your Investment: $3,333 USD

Ready to Dive In?

Here’s what people have said about working with me

“You are the first designer who really got into my heart and created what I felt but didn’t know how to express. You are a true gift. Through our time together, and this creative process, my message shifted leaving me with more clarity and excitement for my business than I have had in a very long time.” Desirée Sher

“Seryna is a brand doula. She has literally helped me birth such beautiful things through her innate ability to assist me in clearing the clutter surrounding my vision. I give her very little and she gets me, it’s effortless co-creation. She has never disappointed, an absolute DREAM to work with. Everyone I’ve referred her way has had a similar experience. If you feel called to beautify and uplevel your brand, Seryna is your woman!” Nichole Sylvester

“With innovative suggestions and inspired work, Seryna helped me uncover and design in no time a business identity aligned with the business purpose and direction. Seryna has a beautiful and powerful combination of creativity, high energy, integrity, market knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit coupled with an enormous warmth and it is an absolute pleasure to work with her.” Carmen Padurean

Refund Policy

I take your vision and my time very seriously and have a no refunds policy. I’m all in, are you?

A bit about me…

I’m Seryna Myers, a Sacred Soul™ Mentor and Brand Strategist. I’ve built my career helping women show up authentically in their lives, and their brands, removing all of the barriers to being fully seen and fully expressed. I use my intuitive gifts to peel back the layers and expose the heart of a situation, to know which questions to ask, and which supports to call in when creating a life with purpose, on purpose.

I’m an award-winning copywriter, and client experience manager and give all the credit for my corporate success to working from the heart, and treating every sales transaction as a client-centric activity. I started my career selling Microsoft Dynamics, and have worked developing brands of every size since.

My Intuitive Approach

Angels, the Akashic Records, and why they support you

The Akashic Records hold all the knowledge, and wisdom your soul has experienced, in this life, the ones previous to it, and all the lives you’ll have going forward.  Accessing this knowledge will take you deeper into your purpose.

When you’ve built a life or a business according to someone else’s definition of success, the things that used to make you feel vibrant may feel a bit flat. When you deepen your connection with yourself, your angels and your guides, you uncover new ways to bring the sparkle back. Now that journey that once felt a bit lonely feels divinely supported and guided. 

Intertwining these supports with my own intuitive gifts allows me to bring more depth to my coaching, supporting you in a bigger and brighter way.