You’re on the brink of something big…

It’s new, it’s exciting, and you’ve worked really hard to get here.

(But if you’re totally honest, it’s also a bit “holy shit” and “what was I thinking?”)

You’re growing… and that comes with its own ‘stuff’.

Stretching into your next level greatness sometimes brings up some less sunshiney bits:

Imposter syndrome

Self doubt

Fear + Overwhelm…

When we’re expanding, we’re making space, and our shadowy parts use that space to try to make themselves heard.

And that’s where I come in…

Introducing: Your North Star

Your North Star

Your North Star is a 12 week sacred container to help you navigate the waters of your next level greatness. Together we’ll explore anything in the way from showing up fully, audaciously, and authentically so you can cut and clear it, allowing you to claim your north star with joy, love, ease, and grace.

You bring the load that needs to be lifted, and the willingness to do the work so you can shine.

I bring the insights and energetic shifts you need so you can show up fully for yourself, as yourself, so your life and your work can uplevel along with you.

Your North Star is a program for action takers – the courageous souls who are willing to get uncomfortable, look at the truth, and then make the necessary changes required to become the person their heart longs for them to be.

When you align your life to your north star (the truth that lives in your heart), everything feels possible. You feel supported making the big leaps easier and faster. You feel confident, helping you rock your relationships and your work life unapologetically and unf*ckwithable. You feel clear, so you don’t just know what to do next, but you TRUST the knowing.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

12 weekly transpersonal coaching sessions over Zoom, supported by your angels and guides. Each session is 90 minutes, and adaptable to whatever soul support you require at the time.* Developing your intuitive gifts? Navigating sticky relationship situations? Need help identifying your blocks and clearing that shiz out so you can embody your excellence? Oh yeah, we’ve got you covered.

Weekly homework with soul assignments to help you unlock your inner wisdom, and create momentum, new divine practices, and energy management routines, to stay grounded, supported, and ready for expansion.

Access to the Sacred Soul Salon – an online resource library with digital supports including: DIY ceremonies and rituals, recorded journeys and activations, and printables to keep you tuned in, inspired, and chilled out, through our time together and beyond.

 :: Your Investment: $4500 ::

(payment plans available)

Support for the journey…

Your angels and guides only bring forward messages that are in support of your highest good and truth, so even the hard stuff feels supported and possible. Their support, paired with my signature framework: The Inner Compass Mapping Method gives you total support from the earth to the ethers.

Additionally, as my client, you’ll be included in all of my private ceremony and altar work for the duration of your program. The work continues long after your program… with your access to the Sacred Support Salon, you have a library of resources to guide you along the way. It’s been intentionally created and curated for the cosmically conscious soul seeker.

Seryna’s loving and practical approach to spirituality shines through everything she does. Each course, each comment she makes are heart-centered and accessible. She’s a wonderful teacher – organized, intuitive, funny, real and gracious all at the same time.

Leslie Norris

If you ever wanted to work with a REAL magical mentor, Seryna is the one to go to. She is the most inspiring, real talking, real lightworker/-warrior and walk your talk mentor I know.

Nicole Deters

Seryna’s energy is so inviting and she creates a safe space to open up and heal. I highly recommend attending one of her circles to rejuvenate your soul.

Alyssa Langevin

Seryna is an amazing coach and spiritual teacher. She is a gifted intuitive whose connection to the divine comes through so clearly. Seryna is a real, no BS, brilliant, loving light, and working with her IS life changing. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a fellow light worker, woman or man, Seryna empowers all souls!

Nicole Schoen

[Seryna’s] down to earth and real AF personality is the perfect combination to guide you to explore your own spiritual self in a safe and effective way!

Jill Nadon

Meet your navigator

Hey, I’m Seryna!

I’m a spiritual teacher, who has dedicated most of my life to intuitive development, and the pursuit of my heart’s truth. I’m a lifelong intuitive with over a decade of my own deep, transformational inner work, studying with world class teachers around the globe. I’ve overcome boredom, burn out and the desire to blend in, and have found deep meaning from teaching others to live their lives with purpose, on purpose.

I believe practical spirituality (one that includes deep connection and trust in the inner compass, without selling your worldly belongings to move abroad to meditate 20 hours a day) is one of the biggest remedies to the doldrums of modern living. I teach my clients how to create more liberty, and live unabashedly by claiming their whole Selves and calling in the supports they need for their next level expansion.

I’m trained in a wide range of modalities, from divine work like angel communication to science-driven work like neurofeedback. Each session is tailored to what you need at the time, and can include a combination of intuitive coaching, angelic messages, akashic records release, energy work, and so much more.

Leap with confidence

Unleash the power of untapped potential…

I created Your North Star because I saw people living on the precipice of something big, but hesitated getting too close to the edge. And without that leap of faith, they weren’t living the lives they craved: lives filled with purpose and meaning, lives filled with the freedom to do what they wanted because they had the energy, resources, and certainty of self that they gave zero f*cks about what anyone thought, lives that lit them all the way up.

The journey with Your North Star is one of radical honesty and self acceptance. It’s a safe and sacred space to explore the shadowiest bits that typically go unexamined. You will know yourself in the deepest way possible, at a soul level, and this degree of intimacy brings so much your way. More pleasure, more levity, more clarity, more abundance. All of it is waiting for you – are you ready?

You're more powerful than you know...


Navigating life with your inner compass is a reclamation of your power. It’s relying on what you know and can ascertain from your guides, instead of constantly seeking outside of yourself. No more spending all of your time, money and energy on intuitive readings, seeking in books, attending seminars. When your inner compass points true north, your soul is guiding the way.

You already have everything you need. It’s time to claim it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What topics can we cover?

I teach how to use spirituality in practical ways to support your life and leadership, so there’s a lot available to you, and we’ll design a loose plan on your compatibility call. Some areas I feel are essential are energy management, aligning to your own north star, and building trust in yourself and your guides.

Can I use this for business strategy?

The tools I teach will help you become a better leader, but I also understand the advantage of intuitively designing and marketing your business. My sweet spot is working with existing businesses that have been steadily growing and are ready to lean into the next level with aligned approach to the expansion. Business oracle sessions need to be approved in advance, so apply for a compatibility call and we’ll make sure you’re in a space that I can best serve you.

Do I need special supplies?

I’m a firm believer in starting with what you have, because being spiritual doesn’t mean you’ve spent 5 figures on your gear. That being said, I may suggest tools in your sessions that can help, but they’re entirely optional. 

Do the calls have to be weekly?

Think of this as building your spiritual muscle… if you don’t stay consistent, it’s easy to slip back into your old habits. The weekly sessions are set to help you build momentum, and to enforce the new patterns we’re creating, and it’s important to stick to the schedule. If something comes up and you’re unable to attend a session, let me know within 24 hours, and we can double you up on a future week in your program.

Do you do individual readings?

On rare occasions I offer pop up sessions where I do a handful of 1:1 readings at a special rate. You’ll want to make sure you’re on my list or a member of my Facebook community to be notified when these become available.

Are there other coaching packages available?

The 12 week package is the best way I can support you in living a fully integrated spiritual life. For existing clients who wish to continue, I have a 4-session package, and for businesses I offer a full-day rate. We can discuss the details on your compatibility call.  If you’re looking for my group program Due North, you can find all the details here.  

Next Steps

One lesson I teach is “the body always knows, and the energy never lies”. If you can feel that HELL YES burning within you, fill out the form below and apply for a compatibility call. We’ll have a zero-pressure chat and decide if working together is the support you need for your next leap.

The journey begins with the courage to say yes…



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You're on the list! Check your email for next steps.



Privacy Policy: We hate spam too and promise to keep your email address safe.

You're on the list! Check your email for next steps.

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