Crystals? Why Crystals.

When I started making bath salts in 2011, I had never considered starting a business with them. I made them as gifts for my family and friends, using the best ingredients I could find. Incorporating crystal energy into them wasn’t meant to be a unique position in the market place… after all, I was just making them for my mom. ANY bath salts were unique. I was just looking to make the very best product I could, and the crystals really enhanced them. It was a peaceful ritual: smudging them, programming them with the loving intention of the blend, placing them in the salts and meditating with the bowl. (The reiki came later with my 2012 attunement.)

I was a curious and intuitive child, always looking for new ways of doing things. As a teenager, I started exploring different angles of spirituality and would often find myself in new age bookshops. There were always crystal displays, and while I found them pretty and ornamental, I never thought of them as anything more. I studied earth science in my first year in college and got to know them from a very scientific stand point, but it wasn’t until what I call “the Lemurian incident” that happened in my early 20’s that I really began to understand just how much crystals had to offer.

In 2001, I was shopping in a new age shop in Kelowna, BC and found myself drawn to a wall of crystals. One in particular, a Lemurian Quartz seemed to call to me. I picked it up, it hummed in my hand, and then… it didn’t. What I now know is that I experienced an energetic download, but at the time, I was convinced I’d broken the crystal, sucked up all its energy, and I quickly put it on the shelf and left. For 10 years I held this guilt, and it wasn’t until 2011 when I started working with crystals more, meditating with them, consciously wearing them as jewellery and studying their energetic properties that I would really form a bond with these twinkly gifts from nature.

Very recently I’ve seen there’s been more of a cross over in this area. Crystal educators are incorporating aromatherapy into their lessons, and aromatherapy companies are using crystals in their packaging and mantras in their promotion. It’s so beautiful to see this once unheard of, sort of quirky technique I used (which took the most explaining when selling my products, if I’m honest) being brought to the mainstream, making crystal healing a holistic practice that is accessible to the masses.

So why crystals? Because they are so much more than decorative, shiny bits of nature to display on a shelf or use as a paper weight. Crystals are ancient, beautiful energetic nuggets of goodness, that can enrich your life for the better. Tell the world!

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