Can you go from Burnt Out to Blissed Out in Just 11 Days

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(and doesn’t require you to meditate until your back hurts & your butt screams mamaaaaa!)

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But First – Can We Be Real For A Sec?

Are you absolutely done with being the only person in your life who doesn’t get what they need on your own damn to-do list and drowning in resentment on the daily?

Would you do anything to get rid of that negative nagging voice in your head that has something mean to say about everyone and everything (but especially YOU)?

Does the thought of smiling in another Instagram story while your dishes are piled up, your email has gone unanswered and you can’t remember the last time you enjoyed spicy time with your partner make you wanna ugly cry in your car at lunch time?

If you answered yes to any of these, sister – I see you. Only a few years ago I felt the exact same.

I’m Seryna – a sacred transformation mentor who helps busy women with overbooked schedules with the tools, rituals and support they need on the road to Spiritual Life Mastery™.

I’m also a recovered corporate sell out who overcame boredom, burn out and the desire to blend in and am now living a purpose-fuelled, heart-centred life that I don’t need to fantasize escaping from.

Here’s the truth: I wasn’t always being interviewed on podcasts, writing books and being described by international spiritual teachers as the one who shows ordinary people they can have extraordinary lives.

In fact, my first corporate job caused a massive identity crisis where I felt imposter syndrome every day and couldn’t figure out why I was miserable when I was making great money, traveling around the world, and living in one of Canada’s most beautiful cities.

It was so bad that my boss nicknamed me little ball of rage.

Things took a quick turn when I was laid off during the ‘09 recession –  only 6 months after starting my spiritual awakening. But ceremonies and spiritual circles a few times a year wouldn’t cut it.

It wasn’t until I found a practical practice that actually fit into my life no matter how long my to-do list was, that I could stop rebelling against myself and shift from spiritual dabbler to devotee.

So Buckle-up Buttercup!

Before I spill the whole teapot, let’s hit rewind and take a sec to look at what’s actually happening here….

The real issue is that you’ve been lied to by culty guru-influencers and members of the “high vibe tribe who spiritually bypass from their meditation pillows, pretending there’s no such thing as a bad day or a negative emotion.

They tell us that we can’t create inner calm and a clear channel to the divine without spending hours in meditation and morning practices each day. (Time we don’t have because we have lives/families/businesses/life off of social media to tend to…)

They tell us it’s not possible to enjoy the fallible  human experience – we’re meant to be eradicating the ego, ascending to our highest selves, avoiding caffeine, eating meat and screaming the occasional f-bomb in traffic . 

They want to keep us in an endless cycle of self rejection and self improvement so they’ve got a permanent hand in our pocket, making bank while we’re broke, bitter and burnt out.

If you’re one of the thousands of women caught in this unhelpful pattern of stinkin’ thinkin’, you’ve got to stop deferring your power and make a change. 

It Begins Now.

Introducing Daily Bliss Bootcamp

the most effective micro meditative practice for busy women seeking health, wealth and happiness without selling their belongings and moving to an ashram.

After 15 years of experimenting with everything from yoga to shamanism to plant medicines and more, I’ve finally cracked the code to consistent spiritual practice and lived the benefits of it, spending as little as 5 minutes twice a day.


I want to save you years of wasted time frustration (and that unhelpful dose of shame) that comes from trying and failing at continuing to show up for yourself by giving you my easy daily practice that will show you results in as little as 11 days – and last for years!

This Curated Experience Contains The Essentials For Your Journey

Serenity on

Kickstart your day with a universal morning meditation, designed to infuse positivity and tap into your limitless potential so you set the tone for getting shit done without sacrificing your inner chill.

Choose Your Own

Select from 3 evening meditations and focus-aligned affirmations on health, wealth or happiness so you can personalize your practice to your specific needs and reinforce your chosen focus for the full 11 days.

Break Through Blocks
With EFT

Overcome resistance or consistency hurdles with a guided tapping ritual using EFT so you can effortlessly maintain your spiritual journey – even when you’re busy AF – ensuring a transformative experience!

If This Sounds Too Good To Be True, You Don’t Need To Trust Me… Here’s What Some Of The Hundreds Of Women I’ve Supported Have Said:

Own Your Day EVERY Day

Gift yourself 11 days with Daily Bliss Bootcamp to start your day inspired, end it focused on your goals, and watch the stress, self-doubt and comparison-itis fade away.

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