Your spiritual connection is part of your divine inheritance. It’s a gift each of us possesses, and it’s ready and waiting for us to claim it.

You’re ready. I’ll show you how.

You believe in intuition, but how much do you trust it, and allow it to guide the way?

Do you buy into the old paradigm that connecting with the spirit realm is reserved for sacred few… the psychics, gurus, and mystics?

Let’s get real: There is a part of you that knows you’re a powerful, exceptional being.

You may feel a bit shy about admitting that, and you’ve certainly been told not to brag, but if you’re totally honest with yourself, there’s a part of you that knows you’re gifted.

It’s a bit uncomfortable to admit though, right?

Because that same knowingness is the part that made you feel a bit weird, or different. It’s the part that you keep solely for yourself, because you’re not sure the rest of the world can handle it.

I’m here to tell you beautiful, the world can handle as much as you’re willing to share.

Introducing: Due North

Due North

a 3 month safe and sacred harbour to help you navigate life with your inner compass. It’s a space dedicated entirely to your soul’s expansion, so you can claim your gifts, understand how to express them, and powerfully show up in the world with grace and glory.

In this program, you’ll find everything you need to support this next wave of your soul’s expansion.

There are 3 Lighthouses of Wisdom in Due North, each one helping guide your way.

Mapping Your Course

In this chapter you’ll be developing all the foundations you need to safely and confidently navigate the waters of your inner world. You’ll learn how to open up, how to nurture your light, how you personally receive divine knowledge, how to protect your energy, and how to connect with your guides with ease.

Setting Sail

In this chapter you’ll start putting your inner light to work. You’ll find this part to be very experiential, as we tap into our inner knowing on new and deeper levels, have angelic experiences, meet your personal divine counsel, and fine tune your spirit-to-English dictionary. You’re also invited to join the urban retreat (more on that below) to get to practice in person.

Reaching the Destination

In this chapter you’ll be integrating this work into your life, in whatever way feels comfortable but still expansive for you. (The threshold is different for everyone.) This part is all about helping you build confidence in your clarity, your connection, and your gifts. You’ll learn strategies for managing life in the “muggle world”, how to battle imposter syndrome, and to claim your truth with unshakeable certainty.
In our 3 months together, you’ll discover your intuitive gifts (your heart’s buried treasure) and learn how to master them. You’ll become confident in your ability to navigate your connection to your guides, and your own innate knowing. You’ll claim your heart’s truth, your wisdom, and your brilliance so you can stand in your power.
How It Works

Live Coaching Calls

Two video calls each unit with teachings and hot seat coaching.

Sacred Soul Assignments

Weekly divine homework to bring joy and depth to this process.

Virtual Retreat

2.5 days of online workshops to connect with your peers and put your gifts to work.

Weekly Angelic Supports

Channeled messages via Voxer with wisdom from the angels.

Curated Gift in the Mail

Handpicked with love, you’ll receive my favourite tools for working your light.

Rituals and Readings

Guides to support your spiritual practice through ceremony and card spreads.

Monthly Akashic Upgrades

Three powerful meditation journeys to upgrade your vibration.

Private Facebook Community

A sacred space to share your journey, openly, honestly, vulnerably.

Closing Ceremony

A celebratory call to seal the energies and bring our time to a close.

 :: Our Journey Together Begins March 15th ::

Your Investment

one time payment of $1500 or 3 payments of $555

US and Global Residents pay in USD.
Canadian Residents pay in CAD and a 5% GST applies.
Please choose the option below that applies to you.

Fast Action Bonus

free private reading

The first 5 people who sign up for Due North will receive a 1-hour Sacred Soul Exploration Session to be used during the program.

On this call we’ll connect on Zoom and explore what past life themes are impacting you now, with the help of your angels and Akashic Records. 

You’ll receive a deeper understanding of the current energies, with an opportunity to clear anything that isn’t supporting your highest good, your highest truth, and your highest purpose.

(Value: $333)

The Due North VIRTUAL Retreat - May 1st to 3rd

an online gathering with your fellow travellers to put your new gifts to work


Due to the current global health crisis, we’ve decided to make the urban retreat a virtual one. This time will be dedicated to deep soul connections, sacred journeys, your inner wisdom practice, and ceremony… all from the comfort of your home. This is an empath- and introvert-friendly event. You’ll have lots of time for space and grace, so you’re supported in your integration and energetic processing.

This is YOUR Retreat

A dedicated space for soul connection, inner exploration, and practical skills testing to strengthen your connection to your gifts.

The Due North Virtual Retreat is an intimate, invitation-only, once in a lifetime experience, and will not be offered to the general public. When people gather in sacred spaces, the magic they make together is pure alchemy that can never be re-created. This gathering is included, not mandatory, but highly encouraged. Being able to practice this work in a safe, sacred space with others on the journey, with support from me, is a priceless experience you don’t want to miss. 

Please note: as we’ve needed to pivot our original plans with the global crisis, the schedule is still a work in progress. We will have a series of workshops at different times in the day and will do our best to balance international time zones. You will receive recordings of all of the workshops throughout the day, though you will get the most out of attending live. Our recommendation is you treat this time as you would if you were with us here in person, as originally intended – gift yourself space and time to fully dig in. 

Meet your lighthouse keeper + guide

Hey, I’m Seryna!

Even though spiritual work was always natural for me, it wasn’t always easy. I’ve been the weird kid in Catholic confession who admitted to talking to spirits and getting way too many prayers for penance, and the corporate gal who secretly attended retreats and rituals, living a double life. The more I embraced my heart’s truth, the easier life got.

I’ve spent 12+ years doing deep spiritual work to break down the walls I’d used to keep myself feeling safe, but which kept me disconnected from the world. I’ve studied with shamans, mediums, aromatherapists, and intuitives, and am dedicated to normalizing what it means to live a spiritual life.

I’m a sacred soul mentor,  Certified Angel Guide and Akashic Records Consultant, with 25+ years of experience reading tarot and oracle cards. I create safe, sacred spaces where people feel comfortable to explore their shadowier parts, with lots of compassion and zero judgment.

[Seryna] You’re the figure that gives permission to others to have a connection with the divine. You’re the one who teaches people that normal people can have incredibly, radically, amazing lives.

Kyle Gray

If you ever wanted to work with a REAL magical mentor, Seryna is the one to go to. She is the most inspiring, real talking, real lightworker/-warrior and walk your talk mentor I know.

Nicole Deters

I had the privilege of attending one of Seryna’s retreats – what a wonderful, energizing, empowering experience. Seryna has a unique ability to create a safe sacred space so the women attending can do the work to develop their inner knowing and clear the issues blocking their freedom. If you have a opportunity to work with Seryna jump in and move forward on your path. You will not regret it.

Marilyn L.

Seryna’s energy is so inviting and she creates a safe space to open up and heal. I highly recommend attending one of her circles to rejuvenate your soul.

Alyssa Langevin

Seryna’s intuitive ability and clarity is powerful. I had the opportunity to meet her and converse over several days. She nourished my soul with her insights, her conversation and her genuine support. She is one of a kind!

Cheryl Relf

You're more powerful than you know...


Navigating life with your inner compass is a reclamation of your power. It’s relying on what you know and can ascertain from your guides, instead of constantly seeking outside of yourself. No more spending all of your time, money and energy on intuitive readings, seeking in books, attending seminars. When your inner compass points true north, your soul is guiding the way.

You already have everything you need. It’s time to claim it.

Refund Policy

I take this work very seriously and I’m committed to the space I’m holding for you. Once you register, you’re in the container, and there are no refunds. If you’ve paid in full, and decide after registration that this isn’t the program for you, you’re welcome to gift your spot to a friend. Any transfers must be made before March 14th, 2020.

Join Us! The journey begins March 15th.

Doors Close 3/13 or when all spots are filled - whichever happens first.








Still have questions?

Send me a message and we can discuss if Due North is the best next step for you.

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