The Journey Within Begins in 2020

You know Spirit speaks boldly to and through you, and want to trust what you receive.

You couldn’t stop the downloads if you tried, and you wish you knew what to do with them.

You know it’s time to connect more fully, but you’re worried about overwhelm or losing parts of yourself.

Introducing DUE NORTH – a sacred container for the soul seeker looking to deepen their connection to their inner knowing with clarity and confidence.

In our 3 months together, you’ll get to clear away any energetic debris or uncertainty that keeps you from trusting your inner knowing. You’ll receive the foundations you need to know what to do and when, and opportunities to put them to work, including at an in-person urban retreat.

Here’s how it breaks down

JANUARY: Mapping the course.

These are the building blocks of this work. You’ll get a lot of theory to start opening you up so you build the confidence to deepen the trust you have in navigating life with your inner compass.

FEBRUARY: Setting Sail

We kick off this unit with our Urban Retreat* near Vancouver, BC Canada. You’ll be putting all of the foundational theory to work as you start to practice working with, and trusting, your sacred tools and knowledge with more certainty.

MARCH: Completing the journey

Here’s where it all comes together. You’ll be digging into any resistance or sticky energy that remains so you can navigate with more ease, supported by your angels and guides.

How we’ll navigate your transformation:

Closed Online Community

We’ll create a 3-month sacred container, as a soul circle, and in a closed Facebook group where you’ll be able to connect with your fellow journeyers to share your experience.

Group Coaching

You’ll receive 6 group coaching calls (two per month) with recordings in case you happen to miss one.

Weekly Voxer Guidance

I’ll bring through 12 weekly angel guided messages for the group, and have it sent to your phone via Voxer. 

Monthly Akashic Upgrades

Each month you’ll receive a recorded guided journey into your Akashic Records to upgrade your vibration, and your gifts. These are yours to keep and can be used years after the program ends. 

A Curated Gift!

Presents are one of my love languages! You’ll receive a snail-mailed gift from my home to yours (yes, anywhere in the world!).

Your Investment

one time payment of $1500 or 5 payments of $333

US and Global Residents pay in USD.
Canadian Residents pay in CAD and a 5% GST applies.
Please use the option that applies to you.

Doors Close November 30th or when all spots are filled - whichever happens first.








Fast Action Bonus

The first 10 people who sign up for Due North will receive a 1-hour Sacred Soul Exploration Session. On this call we’ll connect on Zoom and explore what past life themes are impacting you now, with the help of your angels and Akashic Records.  You’ll receive a deeper understanding of the current energies, with an opportunity to clear anything that isn’t supporting your highest good, your highest truth, and your highest purpose. (Value: $350)

Navigating life with your inner compass is a reclamation of your power. It’s relying on what you know and can ascertain from your guides, instead of constantly seeking outside of yourself. No more spending all of your time, money and energy on intuitive readings, seeking in books, attending seminars. When your inner compass points true north, your soul is guiding the way.

You already have everything you need. It’s time you trusted that.

Hey, I’m Seryna!

I’ll be your guide on this journey.

Despite being an intuitive child leading meditations on the playground and doing readings with playing cards in middle school, I struggled with trusting my own inner knowing. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve kicked myself for not listening to my intuition.

I’ve spent 12 years doing deep spiritual work to break down the walls I’d used to keep myself feeling safe, but which kept me disconnected from the world. I’ve studied with shamans, mediums, aromatherapists, and intuitives, and am dedicated to normalizing what it means to live a spiritual life.

I’m a Certified Angel Guide and Akashic Records Consultant, with 25 years of experience reading tarot and oracle cards. I create safe, sacred spaces where people feel comfortable to explore their shadowier parts, with lots of compassion and zero judgment.

The Urban Retreat :: February 7th to 9th in Vancouver Canada

2.5 days of deep soul connections, sacred journeys, inner wisdom practice, and ceremony with lots of downtime for energetic processing and integration.

The Due North Urban Retreat is an invitation-only, once in a lifetime experience, and will not be offered to the general public. When people gather in sacred spaces, the magic they make together is pure alchemy that can never be re-created. This gathering is included, not mandatory, but highly encouraged. Being able to practice this work in a safe, sacred space with others on the journey, with support from me, your mentor, is a priceless experience you don’t want to miss.

Please note: your travel, visas, meals and accommodations are not provided, but hotel discounts have been secured.

[Seryna] You’re the figure that gives permission to others to have a connection with the divine. You’re the one who teaches people that normal people can have incredibly, radically, amazing lives.

Kyle Gray, International Best Selling Author

If you ever wanted to work with a REAL magical mentor, Seryna is the one to go to. She is the most inspiring, real talking, real lightworker/-warrior and walk your talk mentor I know.


Working with Seryna gets you down to your true self, before you took on all the BS of the world and ingested it. You find out who you REALLY are, and learn how to feel confident living that way. It's spiritual but also very tangible.

Molly B. USA

Seryna has a unique ability to create a safe sacred space so the people attending can do the work to develop their inner knowing and clear the issues blocking their freedom.

Marilyn L, CANADA

There is a well of wisdom within you… 

Are you ready to tap in with more depth than ever before?

Refund Policy

I take this work very seriously and I’m committed to the space I’m holding for you. Once you register, you’re in the container, and there are no refunds. If you decide after registering that this isn’t the program for you, you’re welcome to offer your space to a friend, but any exchanges must take place before December 31, 2019.

Got Questions?

I’m here to help. Send me an email and ask anything that’ll help you make the most soul-aligned decision.