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Do you ever wonder what ACTUALLY happens when you attend an event?

I’m not talking about the behind-the-scenes stuff like how to fill it, setting up, or what goes in the gift bags (though if you’re into that, you can peek at the FB Live I did on Friday before By Divine Love). I’m talking about the work that you do as an attendee.

If you’re an event or retreat newbie, you probably think it goes something like this: 

Sign up. You get excited, you connect with other attendees, and you start thinking about what it’s going to be like.

Prep. You decide what to bring, you plan your travel, you look for that perfect journal to capture your best ideas.

The event. You’re going to have a great time, you make awesome connections, and then you head home and use all the new stuff you’ve learned and live happily ever after.

Buuuuttt… that’s not quite how it plays out. Especially not with spiritual events and retreats. Here’s why:

The person who signed up for the event, is not the person who left it.

When we have these deeply moving experiences, we are forever changed. Our knowledge is expanded, our hearts are wide open, and we’re vibrating at a different frequency. We can’t just go back to “business as usual” because it’s not business as usual – it’s something kind of different.

Most people think after a short time away they’ll just be recharged enough to jump back into their lives and pick up where they left off – but when these massive upgrades are happening, we need S P A C E to process. We need to drink a lot more water. We need time to integrate the new knowing and the new energy. We need to reflect. We likely need more silence than we’re used to, because so much of this process is an internal one.

A lot of people try to just leap back into their lives – especially when there was travel or it was hard to get away because of to-do lists and commitments at home… the time for the retreat was hard enough, how can they possibly justify more time to integrate? I highly suggest they do.

The days that follow a big heart-opening event can feel a bit jarring in the regular world, and that can sometimes be challenging. Because we’re more open, we’re also more sensitive, so things that may have been kinda pesky at one point are deeply felt. This isn’t a forever process, we do acclimatize back to the “real world” but the more space you can give yourself (and the more love and nourishment you can give your vessel), the gentler that journey back will be.

Here are the biggest tools you can use to help you move the energy, to ease your journey back in:


You know you’re supposed to drink water anyways, so take whatever you normally drink and then drink a whole lot more. We are made of water, so it’s one of the best ways you can help the energy move through your body.


Set the intention with your angels or guides that all of the releases you’ve done and energetic shifts that took place be done with joy, ease, and grace. If the facilitators of your event set that intention for you, that’s great – but you still need to do it for yourself too. If we believe it will be hard or overwhelming, it will be. So instead, believe in ease and ask for it to be that way.


The breath is one of the easiest ways you can bring yourself back to your heart’s center. Breathe slowly, deeply, breathe in gratitude. Be in this moment, allow the energy to move through you. Make it a gentle process.


Just because the event is over, doesn’t mean you can’t keep in the energy. Reach out to the participants you connected with, and connect to your guides, and your heart’s truth. This will help you prolong the love bubble these events create, and ease the transition back.


When your heart is open there is SUCH greater access to your feelings, the stuff happening behind the scenes, even your heart’s honest desire. Capture it – whether it’s journalling, making art, talking it out, however you process… get it out into the world. (Or at the very least – your world). It helps, I promise.

It’s going to be okay.

I know when your shields are down and your heart is open it feels a bit vulnerable… that’s because it is. By letting your guards down and dipping into the willngness to see the truth, you are open in ways beyond the norm. You’ll slowly close up, and things will settle into your new normal, but be gentle through this process, and give yourself a TON of compassion. You did some bold, big, beautiful, brave work, my sweet… I’m celebrating you.



With love and magic,


It’s time to reclaim all the power you’ve surrendered to everyone you’ve looked to for answers when the Truth was in you all along.

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