In this episode I guide you through a brief, but powerful meditation to help you open up to your intuitive gifts. Make sure when you do it that you pay special attention to HOW you receive the information you get.

Clairvoyance – sacred seeing. This could be pictures, a video, a memory playing out, a simple word or image that you see, etc.

Clairaudience – sacred hearing. This could be hearing voices (with your ears or in your head), messages via music or poetry, anything you hear.

Clairsentience – sacred feeling. This could be something you feel with your skin (like a presence or an energy), or even a gut reaction response. It’s something you will feel.

Claircognizance – sacred knowing. This could be something that you don’t know why you know, you just know it to be true (and it didn’t come from one of the Clairs mentioned above).

The only way to trust your intuition is to use it regularly. I hope this meditation helps you open up. As always, I’d love to hear how it works out for you. 

As well, if you’re interested in expanding your work with your intuition and beyond, make sure you get on the waitlist for my upcoming program, Due North.

Seryna Myers is a sacred mentor, business oracle, author, and speaker.
She helps sacred leaders and visionaries bring their whole hearts and
divine Truths to everything they do.


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