These sessions are the perfect fit for the consciously curious… those who want a bit of insight into the big life stuff they’re currently experiencing, but aren’t quite ready for a longer-term commitment to overhaul their lives with energetic shifts, vibrational upgrades, and deep, soul-level healing. 

In the Sacred Soul Expression Session, you’ll hear from your angels, guides, and Record Keepers about what you  most need right now, in support of your highest good, your highest truth, and your highest purpose.  I’ll be channeling wisdom using whichever intuitive tools I’m guided to for you, including psychic gifts, oracle cards, your Akashic Records and more.

In these 60-minute free-flowing sessions, you’ll first hear everything that’s coming through for you, and then you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and go deeper to get additional insight. It should be noted: there are no energetic releases or healings that take place in these sessions – it is knowledge-transfer only. If you are looking for something deeper, please view the offerings on my Sacred Soul Mentorship page.

These sessions are not part of my regular offerings, so only a handful of spaces are opened up at a time, for a limited time only. If you feel called, make sure to grab one of these coveted spots before they’re gone.