Full Moon Guidance

It comes -literally- every month, and yet, somehow we’re still surprised at how much emotional and energetic dust a full moon can kick up.

And it’s just the moon, right? NBD.

Look, beautiful. If the tides of the ocean can be affected by the cycles of the moon, and your body is made up mostly of water, it’s safe to say that it’s going to affect you too.

Often times when we hear about the stuff going on in the cosmos, it can evoke this “Oh no, woe is me” way of viewing life – but I’m hoping this post will help change that perspective. The beauty of monitoring astrological cycles isn’t so you can brace yourself and expect the doom and gloom to fall from the sky, it’s in LEVERAGING the energy so that it can work for you. This means not only getting more energetic bang for your buck, but it’s also an opportunity to do some of the spiritual heavy lifting that if you’re entirely honest, you may  have been avoiding for the last little bit.

So here we go beauty… the Marie Kondo of all astrological events… the full moon is all about LETTING THINGS GO.

You can  use this spread for any full moon, but this one has come through explicitly for the one coming up on May 18th, 2019. It’s a simple, 3-card spread, that will give you not only a bit of insight about what energies are working through you, but also some work to reflect on in your journal, or in meditation, so you can dig in and explore.

Card 1: What am I resisting letting go of?

Sometimes we need to get called out on our stuff, and the cards can give us a little bit of tough love when we need it. Resistance is one of the biggest ways our shadow self can keep us small. When we allow ourselves to get stuck in fear, in confusion, in apathy (which is wonderfully disguised as a Netflix binge btw), we don’t challenge ourselves, or stretch into new levels of growth, or have the impact that we’re here to make.

It’s good to explore our resistance – sometimes it’s actually an intuitive nudge that we’re going in the wrong direction – but unless we explore it, we’re not really in the driver’s seat of our own lives. When your cards clearly tell you what you’re resisting, it becomes a whole lot easier to explore the deeper levels of why you’re resisting it. And if you’re ready for the next steps, the full moon’s energy is the perfect time to release all of that resistance.

Card 2: What am I making space for?

When we’re just looking at change as a big, scary, overwhelming thing, we’re missing out on all the good stuff. When we release (whether it’s energetic, or relationships, or patterns, and so on) we create S P A C E in our lives for new, better, and more aligned goodness. It literally can’t come to us, no matter how much we tap and chant, if we don’t make room for it.

By shifting the focus of what we’re afraid of, to what we’re welcoming in, we allow ourselves to dream bigger, expand what we believe is possible, and look FORWARD to what’s coming our way. That sort of excitement can help make the more intimidating stuff easier.

Card 3: What on the other side of the release?

Much like knowing what we’re calling in, being able to look forward to the life we get to live when we’re on the other side of this big leap can bring us some peace of mind, and oftentimes excitement. The insight from this third and final card gives us a picture of where we’re headed – and because we’re talking about the cycle of the moon (only 30 days), this is a short term win, not some distant, far away thing we’re stretching into.

I’ll be honest – sometimes what you’re leaning into isn’t going to be entirely easy. Inner work is layered work, so sometimes it means peeling away piece upon piece until you get to the good stuff underneath. But it’s important to know what’s coming so you can plan for it, make space to feel whatever you need to, and exercise a lot of self compassion as you unravel these layers. Know that whatever the cards say, you are loved, you are worthy, and you are supported. You are a child of the divine, and you will never be alone, or forgotten.

As for which decks to use, that’s entirely up to you. All that matters is you choose ones that resonate and light you all the way up. My current favourites are: Kyle Gray’s Keepers of the Light, and Angels and Ancestors, Chris Anne’s Sacred Creators Oracle, and Colette Baron Reid’s Wisdom of the Oracle.

With love and magic,

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  1. Heather Dougherty

    This is great. Thanks for posting! The cards jumped right out of the deck for me. 🙂 By the way, the link in the email you sent out was broken – went to a no content found page.

    • seryna

      Yay – so glad you got the jumpers. I always find the message more affirming when it’s so determined to get out. 🙂
      Sorry about the broken link – I switched email providers and got a bit lost in the dotting of i’s and crossing of t’s. So glad you managed to find it. 🙂

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