I’m a gal with a lot of opinions, on just about everything. But I’m also open minded enough to acknowledge that I may be wrong, or that I may need to consider other points of view.

Enter angels.

I’m a recovering Catholic, so the last time I read the bible cover to cover was when I was 8. (It was the one I got for my first communion, and I still own it, actually.) Most of the stories were over my head, and I heard about angels yet somehow missed what epic badasses they were. (Hello, warrior much?) Even going to St. Michael’s elementary – a school named for Archangel Michael (some may say the badassiest of all the angels) and yet, in my head, they were still these horn-tooting, harp-strumming fluffy dudes on clouds.

For real.

It wasn’t until my dear friend (and angelic alchemist) Richelle introduced me to Kyle Gray’s work that they suddenly became a pretty important part of my life. Kyle made them accessible – his f-bombs and tattoos made them feel like I didn’t need to somehow be perfect for angels to also be for me.

And you don’t have to be perfect either.

I’ve been working with angels deliberately for the past 3 years, and studying them for two (including two angel certifications with Kyle) and I can’t tell you the amount of support I’ve felt in my life and in my business. So today, I’d like to share with you the top 5 angels I recommend for entrepreneurs who’d like a bit of divine connection to amp up their businesses.

Archangel Gabriel – marketing

Gabriel has a beautiful knack for communication. (S/he’s the one who told Mary she’d be giving birth to the child of God.) When you’re honing your message, crafting content or expressing yourself in any way that will touch the heart of your dream clients, Gabriel is your angel.

Archangel Raguel – legal

Raguel is one of the angels of justice, and he’s the one to call on when you’re working on anything legal. Contracts, court cases, partnership agreements, all of it. Raguel’s mission is for harmony and fairness for all parties, so he’s a great one to call in for a win-win.

Archangel Raphael – health

Especially when you’re a solopreneur, your health is one of the biggest investments you can make in your business. Raphael is all about restoring balance to your physical and mental health. When you’re burning the candle at both ends and feeling yourself run down, call on Raphael for a little boost to help you get to the finish line without getting ill.

Archangel Ariel – new endeavours

Ariel’s super power is in helping you cultivate courage, so when you’re nervous about a new endeavour, she can help you take the leap. This can be a new investment, a new product, even just showing up in a different way (hello Facebook live!)… anything that may give you the jitters, she brings her lioness energy to help you fiercely blaze new trails.

Archangel Jeremiel – forgiveness

Jeremiel is a perfect follow up to the risk taking that Ariel supports, because let’s be honest: sometimes risks don’t pan out. Forgiveness is the key to not getting stuck in the past, or stuck in a rut, and it’s the thing Jeremiel is best at supporting. Whether it’s forgiving yourself, a past client, or a vendor or partner who let you down, Jeremiel can help you shift energies of guilt, resentment or frustration into inner peace.

Tell me in the comments: Are you working with angels in your business? Who is your go-to angel for support and how do you tune in?

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