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When we talk about the word intention, we’re usually talking about consciously creating something. We use it when we’re manifesting, when we’re planning rituals and ceremonies, or doing our vision boards, working with the new moon, anything we’re ACTIVELY calling something in. Intention is an active state, but here’s the thing…

We are living and breathing intention, every single day. Consciously, and unconsciously.

Every thought, every word, every action is an intentional seed that gets planted. And often times, the ones that we’re not speaking out loud but thinking or feeling regularly, are the ones that get overlooked.

The unconscious intentions that we set, for ourselves AND for other people are actually kind of scary. Because they’re not controlled, they’re not rational, and they’re not being set by our highest and best self. They’re often coming from our wounded parts, our trauma, and from the programming we’ve received over the years.

So when we have worthiness stories from our childhood, and we spend an hour a day meditating on mantras like “I am worthy, I am deserving, I am enough” it’s not enough to balance out the other 23 hours we’re spending with the unconscious thoughts that are reinforcing the opposite. And that’s a wound that’s just coming from your childhood, this is even more true when the wounds whispering lies in your ear are deeply rooted in past lifetimes or your ancestral lineage. So just meditating with an affirmation isn’t enough – you really need to get to the root of the issue before the healing can begin. (You can do that with whatever modalities work best for you: therapy, coaching, past life regression, Akashic Records work, and so on…) Once you get to the root and begin to resolve it, THEN you can reinforce positive messages using EFT or affirmations. 

The same thing goes for the people around you, whether you know them, or they’re just people you follow on social media. When you catch yourself rolling your eyes, judging, envying… there are actual unconscious energetic intentions that go along with that. They’re like little daggers tossed into their energy field, without their knowing, or their permission, and there are repercussions.

People think it’s only in big and dramatic events like break ups or friendships ending, but this is happening on a micro scale hundreds of times a day. Meghan Markle is a perfect example of someone who is living in the public eye, constantly scrutinized, judged, and criticized, walking around with the projection of thousands of people on her when she’s just trying to live her life. While a celebrity is an easy example of this, think on the smaller scale with the girls from your high school, or your sister in law… these energetic aggressions happen more frequently than we’re comfortable admitting.

When we’re having these thoughts, when we’re in this state of judgment, or feeling hatred, jealousy, and so on, even on an unconscious level, we’re not just thinking shitty things about them, we’re sending shitty energy their way – which is not good for us on a karmic level if nothing else. People often suggest doing a social media de-cluttering so you’re only filling your feed with people you love and who inspire you, but I’d say take that a step further and also weed out anyone you have judgey, catty feelings about. No more frenemies, no more people you like to secretly laugh at (even though you’d never admit it) – total responsibility of your energetic field and what you allow in. You’re also taking responsibility for the energy that you’re transmitting, and this will do wonders for healing your inner mean girl.

This is one of the reasons I regularly teach about energy maintenance. 

It’s often overlooked except in times of crisis, but then it’s treated like an emergency, instead of preventative medicine. 

Your energetic maintenance is what you’re taking in, but also in what you’re putting out – in both cases, consciously and unconsciously. Think about it: if you step into the office and the person at the desk next to you is having a bad day – you can feel it. And if we’re honest, sometimes we’re the grumps at the next desk too. We are transmitting and receiving energy ALWAYS. We can all feel it, even if we can’t quite put our finger on exactly what has taken place, so we need to be as mindful as we can be about what we’re creating in our world. And we need to take responsibility to heal the hurts and traumas that cause this stuff to play out on the unconscious level so we’re aware of what we’re actively creating with our thoughts, feelings, and energy.

If you’re just getting started, what I recommend is to become the OBSERVER. At the beginning of my journey, I spent a year listening to the voice in my head, and learning to distinguish the difference between what I’d later identify as the ego, and the voice of essence or Truth. You don’t need to take a year of course, but I’d give yourself a minimum of 30 days (and make observation one of your regular tools to come back to.)

This one time, I was riding the bus, and the woman standing in front of me had her hair tied in a scrunchy. “Ugh, that’s hideous. I’d never be caught dead wearing that. Does she know it’s not 1994? Could that fabric be any uglier?” (Now full disclosure, this was 2007, not the 90s or the recent scrunchie revivals, so my inner mean girl was having a hay day!) And then this gentler (but still firm) voice kicked in: Why do you care? Why is her hair tie so important to you? Does this even matter? Why are you making this about you?

That was the big shift. It was the first experience I had of being in a shitty place, and being able to hear my Highest Self at the same time.  I became aware that the constant criticism that ran through my head wasn’t in fact me, just a part of me that sought out feeling superior, social validation, acceptance. It was a time in my life where I didn’t like myself very much, and hatred was echoed in almost every thought. But hearing the kinder voice told me more was possible for me.

Gift yourself the time to observe your inner world.

The things you’ll learn about yourself, about your unconscious conditioning, and how far back some of those thoughts and beliefs go is very revealing. It’s not comfortable work, but I know you have a brave, courageous heart, and the benefits will make you richer for the experience.

I’m a firm believer that observation is one of the most potent tools you have against the ego, because until you can see it, and recognize that its voice is different than your own, it’s really hard to make any positive changes. 

Your energetic maintenance is an essential part of your hygiene.

It’s just as important as washing your face or brushing your teeth, and it should be core to your daily routine. How you do it will depend on what best resonates for you, and which tools you’ve cultivated on your journey. For some people it will be palpable – they’ll physically feel their energetic blocks and feel them leave after work like reiki, qi gong, etc. For others, it’s more intentional because they’re not physically feeling the blocks, but the releases are still taking place in a very real way, even if they can’t feel them.

I’ve put together a free PDF, The Lightwalker’s Guide to Energy Management, that can give you some inspiration to get started, no matter how far along you are on your journey. Get it HERE.

You are capable of more than you know.

Allow yourself to get excited about all the things you can consciously create by redirecting the energy expended by unconscious programming. The world is your oyster, doll face… enjoy every last bit!

With love and magic,

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