I see you there. Hiding behind that brand you’re wearing, even though it’s awkward, uncomfortable, and let’s be honest, a bit outdated. And you’re CLINGING to it, like your childhood blanky, dragging it along behind you like Linus, but also kinda hoping nobody sees it. Because while once upon a time, that brand was so very you… it was aligned with your values, your price point, and it was so pretty… you’re not that same woman anymore. And it’s time to put the blanky down.

Because even though you’ve invested in that brand — maybe you spent a ton of time on DIY, or you paid someone to do it for you… your website is designed, your business cards are printed, you’ve got the stuff — and the pieces themselves are functional (If you’re at an event, you hand out a business card, and people are able to find you, right?) it doesn’t mean they’re working for you.

Do you see the distinction?

Yes. Those people are able to find you. But if you only get one chance to make a first impression, what is yours saying? I can tell you that unless your business is thriving, with not just clients but DREAM CLIENTS coming out the wazoo, that first impression is likely not saying what you hope it does.

And what should it say? Well, that depends on YOU, beautiful. What do you value? What’s important to you? How do you want to make people feel?

Your brand should tell that story.

Who are your dream clients? What sort of experience do you create? What can they expect?

Your brand should tell that too.

Let me paint you a picture. You walk into a party, and the only thing you had in your closet was a dress… from high school. It doesn’t fit the way it used to, the cut and colour are more than a bit outdated, and even though you squeeze into it, it’s uncomfortable af, right? Sure, it’s performing its function: you’re out in the world, and you’re avoiding arrest for public indecency, but does it feel good? Naw! It’s tight, and awkward, and you feel self conscious, and you’re sure everyone’s looking at you, but for all the wrong reasons.

Now imagine that same party, in something tailor-made. It’s the perfect colour, flattering af, and hey, you even got it on sale! You step into that room feeling like a million bucks, right?

This is why it’s important to make an investment in your brand. Because every time you put yourself out there, whether it’s a post on social media, a Facebook Live, or a networking event, you deserve to feel like a million bucks. When you create a business that is so aligned to your values, the experience you create for your dream clients, and with your soul, you can’t help but be visible because you’re so proud of it. You can’t help but shout about your mission because it feels so damn good. And we need more of that. We need more women feeling a FUCK YES about everything in their business that their enthusiasm creates a ripple effect around their social circles. We need their voices, and their mission, and their hearts.

And it all starts with feeling good about the brand.

Are you ready to surrender your old brand story to create something fully aligned, fully reflective of YOU? Are you ready to peel back the layers of everything you’ve been told to do/be/say to get to your heart, your essence, and then weave that into a beautiful tapestry of photos and stories that speak to the hearts of your dream clients? If you are, Unveiled is for you.

Unveiled is a 6-week intensive to re-define, re-align, and re-design your brand. But this is not your every-day
branding package… it’s an intimate journey inward where you’ll be asked to show up rawly, authentically, and unapologetically, so that my team and I can make sure your essence is imprinted on everything we create on your behalf. At the end of our time together, you’ll have everything you need to launch your big, beautiful, soul-aligned brand.

The journey within begins June 5th. Details here.

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