Kind Words

Here are some of the things people who know me and have worked with me have had to say about the magic I make in the world.

Seryna helps you hone in on what you truly want, what you truly want to be known for and how to project your inner desire out through beautiful authentic imagery and content. She has really helped me master my brand that encompasses all of me but doesn’t confuse my reader and potential client. She is very intuitive and spiritually connected so she can easily see you for you and help articulate that quickly and effectively through all your online media. 

Adera Angelucci

Co Founder, SPIRO Creative

You are the first designer who really got into my heart and created what I felt but didn’t know how to express.

You are a true gift.

Through our time together, and this creative process, my message shifted leaving me with more clarity and excitement for my business than I have had in a very long time. 

Desirée Sher


I cannot recommend Seryna highly enough! She was so EASY to work with!  I asked her to do the impossible and she didn’t just deliver, she gave me high quality work, provided a calm and organized atmosphere to bounce ideas off of and gave me exactly what I wanted in record time.  I was BLOWN away. I trust her vision, respect her work ethic, and adore her as a person. I can’t wait to work with her again!

Dr. Juliana Hauser

Sex + Family Therapist

Working with Seryna gets you down to your true self, before you took on  all the BS of the world and ingested it. You find out who you REALLY are,  and learn how to feel confident living that way. It’s spiritual but also very tangible.

Molly, Waterbury

Seryna is not only brilliant at what she does, she is very intuitive, that is priceless. Her creative mind will challenge you. She meets you where you are and leads you to where you want to go. She makes you see the vision even when you can’t, and is relentless in getting you to succeed.

Maria, NYC

Seryna embodies elegance with a strong voice and a fearsome love for humanity’s potential. I feel safe in her presence. I’ve watched her blossom in her leadership over the years and it is so inspiring! She’s here to serve. Thank goodness! Xx

Christyn, Vancouver

Seryna is one of the most genuine energies I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  Whether she’s pouring out or lifting you up, she doesn’t hold back.

Tesa Colvin

Publishing Consultant

Seryna is a brand doula. She has literally helped me birth such beautiful things through her innate ability to assist me in clearing the clutter surrounding my vision. It’s effortless co-creation.

Nichole Sylvester

Author + Coach

If you ever wanted to work with a REAL magical mentor, Seryna is the one to go to. She is the most inspiring, real talking, real lightworker/-warrior and walk your talk mentor I know.

Nicole Deters

Body + Soul Kinesiologist

[Seryna’s] insight and messages are so clear and she has an amazing way of being caring in the delivery – even when it’s not what I want to hear!  I love Seryna’s readings because she has access to so many tools and uses what is appropriate on any given day.

Michelle Cooper



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