Radical Shifts for change making women

It’s time to reclaim all of yourself, take powerful action and revolutionize your life.

For the woman who is ready to break free from the beliefs, patterns and habits that hold her back for her highest potential.

More Courage

Lilith Rising helps you unlock the courage to take control of your life and pursue your goals – from the boardroom to the bedroom.

More confidence

Banish shame, self-silencing and settling for less than you deserve. Stand in your truth, power and fullest expression and attract more of what you desire.

More opportunities

Courage and confidence are sexy AF. When you know your worth and aren’t willing to settle, you become a fiery force and people can’t help but want more. 

more boundaries

Time for yourself, untangling toxic dependencies, no longer over extending yourself with commitments that feel like obligations. The word NO is your liberator.

more emotional freedom

Clearing the cobwebs from your shadows helps to quiet the mind. Guilt, shame and fear of embarrassment are no longer in the driver’s seat. You are free to feel to the fullest, and have capacity for more joy and delight.

more embodiment

Big releases often create more comfort with being embodied, re-activating all of your senses. Life is more vivid, more juicy, more DELICIOUS when experienced from in your body instead out of it.

If I knew then…

I tangled up my worth with my contribution, and it was not healthy at all…

I was a chronic over-giver… not because I was especially generous, but because I craved connection and inclusion and helping (even at an emotional or energetic cost to me) was my way of finding belonging. I thought people kept me around because of what I could do for them. It never occurred to me that they just liked who I am.

This showed up in my relationships where I was often the only ‘giver’ and I was a total doormat accepting way less than I deserved. In my corporate career, it had me working late hours, afraid of asking for well deserved raises, and no matter how much I produced or how many sales I got, I always felt I was somehow behind. It didn’t just drain me, it also made me a bit of an asshole because you can’t burn that hot for that long without melting down.



A Shadow Alchemy immersion to reclaim your power + potency and to restore your inner light.

An inner exploration and transmutation for rebels, changemakers and heart leaders who are tired of masking, muting and holding back, and are ready to stand in their fullest truth in the face of patriarchal oppressive systems telling them to be nicer, quieter, and play smaller when she’s here to make some motherf-cking change.

Hey! I’m Seryna!

…and your shadows don’t scare me.

After 15 years of deep inner healing with almost every modality you can imagine, I’ve dedicated my life to supporting women to own their wholeness, not just the shiny, “nice” parts that are expected of us by society.

I believe the deeper it’s buried, the stronger the medicine. And I just happen to love digging for treasure. In Lilith Rising you get to experience many facets of my work – divine channeling, spiritual life coaching, and private ceremony. 

I’m fat. I’m queer. I’m a woman. And I have the audacity to love myself… it’s a big middle finger to the patriarchy and I kinda dig that to be honest.


in her words
I was in a space where I desperately needed a deeper level of self-care, but I didn’t know how to accomplish it.

Seryna embodied the safe space that I needed to reveal the wounds that needed healing in my mind, body & spirit. She taught me to be gentle with myself even in the midst of some of the most challenging inner work I’ve ever done. Her guidance helped me to really see myself, release shame, and show myself the love and understanding that I needed to be whole, to be healed, and to receive all that I desired in every area of my life.

Inside this program

What to Expect in Lilith Rising

Collapse time with this sacred soul® immersion. Your session is a deep dive into your shadow realm, akashic records, and any other dimension that holds the keys to your energetic sovereignty.

part 1 of your journey

Divine Guidance and Intuitively Channeled Messages

We begin our call with a message from Spirit. Before your session, I sit in meditation and bring forward the guidance you need from your spirit team to support our time together. These may be directly or indirectly tied to your chosen focus, but are necessary for your growth.

part 2 of your journey

Sacred Soul®  Transformational Coaching

This is not your mother’s life coaching. You’ll be divinely guided to answer deep questions to access the answers within you (because you are the expert on YOU). I’m a Certified Spiritual Life Coach and Psychic, so sessions tend to go deep very fast. You’ll always be guided into spaces that stretch you, but won’t break you, and you always get to set the pace of your transformation.

part 3 of your journey

Shadow Alchemy and Energetic Transmutation Ceremony

You will be held in ceremony and invited to release, reframe and shift any energies through the Akashic Records, with the support of both of our spirit teams. The ripple effect will reach out through all timelines, dimensions and layers of consciousness, and free you from the burdens of past lives and ancestral wounds that are impacting you today.

The final stop on your journey

Sacred Soul® Integration Call

We will gather for one more hour together two weeks after your Lilith Rising experience. We’ll talk about how you’ve been implementing and integrating your session, answer any questions that have come up, and explore any additional support you may need.

Success story
“It’s spiritual – but also VERY tangible!”

It’s a way to get down to your true self before you took on all the BS of the world and ingested it. Almost like going back to being a kid but in an adult body with a clean slate for how you will approach the world. Being able to find out who you REALLY are and learn how to feel confident living that way. I feel comfortable sharing the parts of myself that I used to hide. I feel more supported spiritually and much more open and optimistic about everything. I feel more guided and purposeful and peaceful. 

Choose Your Support

Everyone needs a little something different, so these packages allow you to choose the level of support you need in this chapter of your life.

Get These Powerful Bonuses



Aligned Action Guide

This guide helps you to identify what matters most, establish measurable, helpfully tailored goals for yourself, explore different actions for reaching those outcomes, discover your personal inner wisdom at each step along the way, navigate transitions and build on the momentum created in Lilith Rising. It is designed to empower you to conquer uncertainty and overwhelm on your path towards growth and fulfillment.

the cover of the aligned action guide features Seryna in prayer pose
the cover of the personalized guide which features an archway framing the silhouette of someone on top of a mountain

Your Personalized Next Steps

This workbook guides you to unlock the deepest wisdom within you to achieve your highest potential and create lasting abundance. It includes channelled messages from your spirit team to provide clarity and direction, and personal reflection questions take you even deeper into self-discovery. Lastly you’ll receive sacred self-care activities to ensure that you stay well nourished on your journey of transformation.

Success story
“[Seryna’s Ceremony] is a safe space to explore what is blocking your soul from expanding.”

Seryna’s presence is powerful, yet gentle to the nervous system. At times healing work for me can be emotional or heavy but when working with her my soul felt calm and at ease. The space she created allowed my inner child to feel safe and ready for my next journey.

Join Lilith Rising and awaken to a new era of freedom, awareness and sovereignty.

Lilith Rising is your chance to seize your power, clear old blocks and rise to your fullest potential.

Unlock your rebel spirit and make a stand today – for you… and for all of us.



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