Yeah, my badass unicorn is chillin’ with some lepidolite. NBD.

As a sensitive and intuitive person, when I walk into a crystal shop, my left hand lights on fire… metaphorically of course. I’ve been feeling energy on the left (the side of receiving) since I was about 10 years old. I use it as an internal compass… it helps me choose which oracle cards to pull… which lottery tickets to buy (they make great stocking stuffers)… and which crystals I most need to work with.

Let’s back things up a little…

Last year on the blog I wrote about “The Lemurian Incident”, which was essentially my crystal initiation. When I first started working with them over 15 years ago, I knew the basics… quartz, rose quartz, amethyst… I knew the stones you saw in jewellery shops (but not in their raw forms of course): sapphire, ruby, emerald… I knew my birthstone (peridot) and the ones in my family… but that was about it. It was around my 30th birthday when I received a ton of gift certificates to Banyen Books that I really started to explore what this crystal business was all about.

Enter lepidolite… When this stone is polished, it’s this sort of lavender-coloured, pinky-purple-y speckled rock… in it’s raw, cut form, it’s delicate, layered, almost lice mica. When it’s raw and uncut, it looks like something out of a fantasy movie… it sparkles and glimmers… and well.. it’s pretty darn pretty. (It’s made a couple of cameos on my Instagram feed here… and here. ) My first encounter with it was a friend (who interstingly wouldn’t consider herself very intuitive) being drawn to it as a pendant… I’d never heard of it before, so I cracked open the crystal bible and read up on it. And sure enough… it was just what she needed.

Lepidolite is about as magical as it gets… No really! It works as an antidepressant… it is calming and stabilizing (especially juicy for goddesses with anxiety) – probably because it contains lithium. Physically, it is said to work with a lot of anxiety-related symptoms… and if paired with pink tourmaline, you’ve basically got a heart opening, anxiety busting mojo at your disposal. Lepidolite enhances self-love, patience and optimism… and who couldn’t use a bit more of all of that? Because of its colour, it works with the higher chakras and can be used to support dream work (especially dream recall). Use it in meditation and go deep deep deeper than ever before!

Alright… so Lepidolite is awesome… How can I use it?

  • Wear it as jewellery – especially during stressful times (Just make sure to smudge it!)
  • Use a lepidolite palm stone to hold onto during meditation
  • Get it in a pendulum, which you can not only use for divination, but you can use to self-soothe when you’re anxious

And did I mention it was pretty?

Sending you oodles of sparkly love!

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