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Over the last several months I’ve been taking a different approach to my work… you’ll see it in the new brand I’m slowly rolling out and will launch fully next year. This may seem like it’s coming out of left field, so I thought I’d give you a bit of background… my origin story so to speak… so you’ll see that this is a natural progression…
For as long as I can remember, I’ve been intuitive. I remember channeling energy between my hands on a cold Ontario day (on the playground of my Catholic elementary school no less!) to keep me warm. I was empathic – I could feel dense mojo, sometimes as strongly as being punched in the gut when it was REALLY bad. At 11 I tried astral projection and used Ouija boards to communicate with spirits. At 12 I tried channeling spirits into my body, which got me kicked out of my dad’s girlfriend’s house because she was sure I was possessed by the devil. I also learned to read cards on a regular set of playing cards, then got my first tarot 22 years ago on Boxing Day when I was only 14. I’ve worked for two psychic lines, but never really identified with that title…. it’s still not a word I’m quite ready to embrace. And I can say being that space was the most intuitive I’d ever felt until probably now… And that was just pure immersion. Remember – as an empath I could pick up other people’s mojo, so it’s not surprising that working with a bunch of psychics would give my own spidey sense a signal boost.
_DSC7622 smallerBut all of this stuff was always in my personal life. This work, the crystals I worked with, meditation and my spiritual path started out as coping devices for me to survive life… first the tough stuff in my early years, then my corporate life, then my break down. There were times it would bleed into my business, but purely by accident. Like when I’d put together a design that was perfect, without any adjustments on the first try… and I’d chalk it up to being a good listener, but when I look back I know there were bigger things at play.
A couple of months ago I had the pleasure to launch a new brand and website for my client Christine at Inner Harmonious Peace. She’s a lightworker – combining reiki and hypnotherapy, and offering sessions of mediumship, channeled messages, angel card readings and more. So I asked her who her angels were and if she was comfortable with me calling them in when I worked for her.
So I did.
And it was literally the EASIEST, most IN FLOW project I’ve ever worked ever. Even easier than my own.
By actively co-creating with the divine (whatever word you’re comfortable with: God, The Universe, Spirit, etc), I was able to get out of my own way and let them use me and my skills to create things that were so perfectly aligned, so on vision, so clear. And people are responding like CRAZY. I’ve shifted from it being just my own intuition and good listening, and have been channeling designs that are concepts I couldn’t have even thought of. It’s been incredible.
A client once described what I do as reaching into her soul to extract her truth and bring it to life in a brand. It bypasses all the assumptions my clients make, all the headiness, and just expresses who they are, right at their core, their heart. It’s like a spiritual archaeological dig, and the brand is what is revealed once we dust the rest off. It’s a powerful, vulnerable process, and I feel so honoured to be able to do this work. To breathe life into something that was just a little flicker inside, waiting for someone to discover it. I have the best job ever.
meditation smallerNow, as the woo becomes more mainstream, there are oodles of people who are tapping into their intuition and finding ways to align their energy… and this is awesome! I think more people should connect with the compass they have within them and the power it yields. But I want to make one distinction… someone who just bought an oracle deck and calls themselves intuitive is not what I’m talking about. And in contrast,  I know some badass psychics (many of them are presenters at Summer of Soul) and I don’t think I’m (yet) in their league either. What I know is that the work I do is sacred. I can tactically feel energy. I channel messages and designs. I get downloads from Spirit that I have to literally stop to receive. (The timing is often awkward.) I muscle test to freakish accuracy. And yeah, I rock about a dozen sets of oracle cards – but they’re just one of my tools. And while using ones intuition is the latest craze in business, this has been my jam for over 25 years. So while calling myself a psychic still doesn’t quite feel aligned (I keep being told to get over it, but I’m not there yet), calling myself intuitive sells me short. I’m leaning toward calling myself a Sacred Brand Strategist… that feels kinda cozy. But it’s just a name. It doesn’t change the work I’m doing.
So if you notice my own brand becoming a bit more woo-woo, you’re right, it is. As I get clearer about who and how I serve, I am able to show up more fully. The lines between my personal and professional life are blurred, and I’m able to make MAGIC. I know it’s not for everyone… it’s a very specific niche… But the people I DO serve… we’re going to co-create something so incredible that they will be forever transformed.
This is me claiming my destiny. This is me living the life intended for that kooky kid in the school yard playing with a ball of energy. This is me in service. And while the more I co-create with Spirit, the less I can take credit for my work, I know I’m making a bigger impact than I could have on my own – so that’s totally okay with me.
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