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Here’s the truth: Right now, the only thing between where you are, and where you want to be… is YOU. Here’s why that’s a great thing…

When we recognize that we’re playing an active role in the life we’re living (to whatever degree we’re enjoying it), we can start to dig in and explore what needs to shift to create the life we crave.

Here’s another truth: You are POWERFUL beyond your wildest dreams.

So when you put that power to work for you consciously, you become pretty much unstoppable. In Move into Miracles, I’ll show you how to do just that.

Day 1: Understanding Resistance
The only way out is THROUGH. We’re going to explore resistance as a theme, and the impact that it has on miracles moving into your life. Understanding how resistance shows up for you is the first part to moving through it.

Day 2: Removing the Obstacles
Building on what we’ve learned in day 1, we’ll start looking at everything between where you are now, and the life you wish to co-create with the divine, and with the help of the angels and Akashic Records, we’ll clear them all away.

Day 3: Calling in Clarity + Support
When it comes to any type of manifestation work, CLARITY IS KEY. On day 3, you’ll learn how to honour your heart, and who to call in to help bring things forward into your life.

Day 4: The Ambush + The Antidote
Before things get TOO juicy, it’s important to understand how they can go wrong, so you know what to do about it. On day 4, I’ll share all my favourite ways to navigate the waters of this journey when they get a bit choppy.

Day 5: Gathering Proof
Things get sweet here, because the proof is in the pudding. We’ll start looking for examples of how miracles are moving toward you, and tracking the evidence with gratitude. Because a grateful heart attracts more opportunities to be grateful for.

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