The Mythical Soul

Your sacred soul song is Mythical. It’s all about that dark, sensual, goddess energy that is rooted in magic and mysticism.

The power of a Mythical soul is in how it’s intuitively lead, and truly guided by Spirit. These peeps have a lot of mystery to them, and are magnetically mysterious to people who are more traditionally inclined. (Read: Muggles.)

Mythical souls bring the magic – but it’s not always in the work itself, it’s not just psychics and healers. Mythical souls use regular reflection, morning rituals, and sacred tools to ground into their days.

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My name’s Seryna, and I’m a Sacred Soul Mentor who helps high achieving women create more freedom, joy, and purpose in their lives and their work through soul aligned living.

My signature process of psychic gifts, angelic messages, and wisdom from your Akashic Records gives you a deeper understanding of yourself, widens your perspective of possibility, and gets to the root of anything holding you back from the magic you’re here to make.

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