Feeling the new moon mojo? You’re not alone.

We are once again, basking in this beautiful ripe energy that comes with the new moon – and this one is the beginning of eclipse season. Every summer the already-potent moon mojo seems to get turned all the way up, amplified by the energies of the lunar or solar eclipses, and this one is no exception.

While full moons tend to be more of my jam (queen of release!), on new moons, I like to tap into the potential of what’s to come. Today I sat down to do a card-spread that I’d found on Facebook, but my angels and guides had other ideas, and shared the  spread below. I’ve played my part as a messenger and put this out into all my social channels, but I thought I’d dig a little deeper into it here, as my blog gives me the ability to be a bit more long-form instead of the quickie instant gratification we get on other social platforms. 😉

Card 1 – Present Place

This card helps you to bring awareness to where you’re at right now. As we start mentally checking out for our summer vacations, and our calendar gets full of social obligations, it can become very easy to get distracted by everything happening around us, and our growing to-do lists, that we forget to just stop and check in.

Crystal support: Carnelian will help you remain grounded in the present moment.

Card 2 – Inward Love

Speaking of distraction, when we are tuned out of what we’re thinking and feeling, we also tend to become disconnected from nurturing ourselves. This card is an invitation to help you bring awareness to what parts of you are needing some self-love, self-care, and self-compassion.

Crystal support: Morganite will bring you right into your heart and help you nurture your sweetest self.

Card 3 – Outward Love

This card helps us see where we’ve been holding back, and allows us to explore why. Our distraction and busy schedules are often culprits, sure… but so are hurt feelings, inability to let go of the past, or feelings and expectations that have gone unspoken. We often don’t even realize when we’ve been witholding our love from the world. This card will help you see.

Crystal support: Aquamarine will support you in calm reflection, and help you speak up when the time is right.

Card 4: Home Harmony

This new moon is in Cancer, and there’s nothing Cancerians love more than a harmonious home. This card invites you to explore ways you can bring more harmony to your hearth, so that you feel safe, supported, and loved in every possible way. Our home is our foundation, so it’s really hard to carry ourselves with confidence if the place we come back to every day doesn’t support that same energy.

Crystal support: Jade encourages a sense of calm and tranquility. Bonus: it often comes sculpted in beautiful forms which would be a great way to integrate it into your decor to support the calm for your home.

Card 5 – Supporting your feelings

Can we be honest for a second? There are a million reasons to not honour, acknowledge, and express your feelings. It’s uncomfortable for ourselves and others, it can have unpredictable impact, it can be hard to admit for ourselves, sometimes we feel guilty on top of our other feelings, the list goes on and on. But, here’s the thing: the new moon is a chance for a new beginning. We can choose to do things differently. But in order to do so, we need to feel supported and safe. And that’s where this card comes in.

You’ll get some extra insight into what you need to feel supported to honour your feelings. It can be things you need to do internally, it can be guides you can call upon, it can be people in your world to rally. Trust the message, it’ll show you the way.

Crystal support: Moonstone is a beautiful support as it helps you to gently integrate your emotions and bring them back into your body. Bonus, they’re extra potent when working under the new or full moon. 😉 

Can’t wait to hear what you come up with – from this reading and this moon! Make sure to share your stories in my FB community. The Lightwalker’s Path. (Also the name of my new podcast, with short episodes that drop every Wednesday.)

With love and magic,

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