It’s not cheap to work with me.

Cheap is a relative term of course, and compared to some of my colleagues charging 3-10x what I do, I’m definitely a good deal for the experience I bring to the table, but working with me tends to start at about $1,000. Because many of my clients are either new to their business, or are shifting something because what they were doing wasn’t working, that initial investment can sometimes be a bit of a pinch, and in response, they’ll say to me, “I’m manifesting the money.”

I’ve said this before. When I was bogged down in my money shit, it was one of my go-to phrases when I wanted something that seemed out of reach. But each time I said it, there was one big piece missing, which is why I never manifested the money for any of those things.

The missing link: INSPIRED ACTION.

People who’ve been reading about the surface level stuff with the law of attraction seem to have bought into this idea that putting it on your vision board is enough.

Your vision board will not get you the coach, the program, the website of your dreams.

You still have to do the work.

The Universe response well to clarity, to focus, to intention, YES, but it also wants to meet you half way. If you don’t take that one courageous step forward: jumping on a sales call, answering an email, sending a proposal, running a FB ad, emailing your list, etc etc… the Universe can’t provide. Money isn’t going to just fall from the sky because you will it. You need to show up too.

“I need to manifest the money” is a cop out.

It’s a disempowered belief that you can’t have what you want. And even though I feel like a dick saying that, I can say it because it was my life not very long ago. I’d been doing the manifestation work, the money mantras, clearing my money blocks, tapping out my fears of success – all with incremental progress. It wasn’t until I recognized how many ways I’d been saying NO to myself and started saying a resounding, FULL BODY YES when something felt aligned, even when I didn’t know how I was going to make it happen, that abundance really truly began to flow.

There is such a thing as not having the money. That’s a reality I lived for longer than I’d care to admit. When you don’t have the basics like rent or food, the last thing you need to be daydreaming about is your new brand. Get those foundational, survival-based pieces in line first and foremost. But when you’re not in that place? You need to have a serious conversation with yourself.

Do you not have the money, or is it not REALLY a priority?

Do you like the idea of it, but the timing isn’t right?

Does it sound fun, but your intuition is nudging you to say no?

When you use the need to manifest the money as your justification for not moving forward, you are totally unempowered. When you tune in, and you feel a resounding YES – it’s the right project, the right time, the right people… you can find a way to make the money work. And you’ll be surprised at what unfolds when you start saying yes, and stop making excuses.

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