Peek into 2021

We’ve survived 2020… so what do we do with 2021?

It’s the start of the year 2021, probably the first year in recent-ish history where the bar is set SO LOW that it would be hard to not seem like the #bestyearever! I always love kicking things off with an oracle card spread. (Because hey, I like to have an idea of what’s coming, especially after a year like 2020.) Rather than just keeping the spread that came through today to myself, I thought it would help to share with all of you.

You can use whichever deck most resonates for you, you can even bring multiple decks together. What matters more than the cards you use is that you feel connected to them. Pro tip: if you’re someone who’s intrigued by this but doesn’t have a card deck, you can try apps or websites that have them built in, or you can use a deck of playing cards. With playing cards, they map onto the minor arcana: diamonds = pentacles, hearts = cups spades, = swords and clubs = wands. You can use a site like Biddy Tarot for the meanings of the cards. Or if you really want to geek out, check out Danielle Noel’s The Book of Tarot.

Spread 1: The single focus

It’s kind of hard to call this a spread since it’s really just one card, but if you’re looking for a quick and dirty answer, this one’s for you. The question is simple – What is the #1 thing I should focus on for the next year?

Easy right?

Spread 2: The birds eye view

This oracle spread gives you a month-by-month breakdown of the year. When you’re shuffling your cards, set the intentions that the themes of each month come forward. Consider not just the message you’ll find in the guidebook of your card deck, but any of the imagery you see on the card – in case it holds a different meaning or message for you.

Spread 3: What’s coming up

This oracle card spread is especially good for the start of a new year, but you could honestly use it at the start of a new season, or even a new month. It’s an in depth view of what’s to come for the new year (or whatever time period you specify) without it being tied to individual months. You may have seen this one on my Instagram page, it’s pretty self explanatory.

The cards are divided into two sections. The numbered cards are messages from your higher self, which is why they’re directed specifically towards things you have some agency over.

Card 1 asks – who am I becoming? (interpret this as you will, it certainly doesn’t need to be a ‘new year new me’ kind of thing, because eww.)

Card 2 asks – what am I releasing? (super important if you’re trying to manifest shiz for the new year btw)

Card 3 asks – how do I make this change sustainable? (we’ve all made some lofty goals and let ourselves down in the past….)

The elemental cards are messages that come from each of the elements, and the questions they ask are related to the energies within that element.

Earth asks – what will ground me?

Air asks – where do I need more flow?

Water asks – what feelings do I need to express? (And if it’s anger, you know I’m your gal.)

Fire asks – where do I need to infuse more passion?

Water asks – what feelings do I need to express? (And if it’s anger, you know I’m your gal.)

Pretty painless, right? 😉

So there you have it! 3 card spreads that you can do with oracle cards, tarot cards, or even a Bicycle deck to help you step into 2021 with more presence, more consciousness and a whole lot more intention. Let me know which one you liked best in the comments!

With love and magic,

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