“We’re striving for PROGRESS, not perfection.” – Marie Forleo

Last year I had the pleasure of doing Marie’s B-School… and this statement just STUCK with me. (If you’re not familiar with Marie’s work, stop what you’re doing and check out her youtube channel for AMAZING business tips.) When I was in the corporate world I’d get stuck on the details and my boss would gently say “Seryna, sometimes good is good enough.” and this is something I see lots of solopreneurs struggling with.

Perfection can be a beautiful stalling technique… especially when you’re afraid of putting yourself out there. And let’s be honest, putting yourself out there is a BIG effing deal – it’s a raw, vulnerable thing. You’re putting this bit of yourself into the world and hoping people will like it. But here’s the thing, beautiful… holding back does no one any favours, especially YOU. The world needs your gifts, and it isn’t good to squander them.

So what do you do when you’ve got this BIG thing to share and it’s just a wee bit too intimidating to do all at once? My suggestion is to break it into smaller, doable parts… if it’s just getting it done that’s the issue, break the tasks down into smaller, less overwhelming parts – and you’ll get a little boost every time you check one of them off the to-do list. If it’s the vulnerability part, start off sharing it to a person or a couple of people who will give you honest, but loving feedback. Then, take that a step further – share in a smaller group… and then once you’re all loved up, you put that baby out into the world and watch it’s impact on the world.

As long as you keep moving forward, you’re on the right track.


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