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    “Gifted spiritual guide, Seryna Myers will stay right by your side as you explore your emotions and come out the other side with greater clarity, greater joy and greater peace of mind and body.”


    Best-selling author of Unicorn Rising and The Female Archangels.

    What you get:

    A 23-page workbook chock full of direction and reflection to guide you to name and claim what you really want - and actually know what that is!


    • You've been dreaming up ways to bring more passion and purpose to your life post-pandemic.
    • You've been giving your time and attention to everyone else and you're ready to direct some of that your way.
    • You're ready to claim something bigger and better for yourself and you need a hand deciding what to pursue.

    about me

    Hey, I'm Seryna! I help recovering people pleasers claim who they are and how they feel so they can live a life with purpose, on purpose.

    I'm a sacred transformation coach, author of Sacred Anger, and co-host of the Sacred Sips Podcast.

    I've burnt out from being a corporate drone and over-giving as a healer and entrepreneur. Can you relate? Today I'm living a life with more balance, more direction and way more purpose. I honour my feelings, prioritize my needs, and I'll show you what I've learned along the way.