Big Questions and Bad Catholics

It’s Easter weekend, a big time for Catholics, and a beautiful opportunity for me to reflect on my upbringing. More specifically: how did a sweet Catholic school girl turn into an f-bomb dropping psychic spiritual life coach who helps women disrupt their lives to unleash their inner wild woman.

Wanna know a secret? I was a bad Catholic. Don’t get me wrong, I prayed, I tried not to sin, I went to confession and prayed my little face off BUT… I asked way too many questions. So much of Catholicism is this deep trusting faith, and there was just too much I couldn’t swallow, even as a kid.

Heaven is paradise… cool… but isn’t it full of a bunch of fallible humans? How did they not fuck that place up in a matter of minutes?

Talking to dead people with a ouija board is actually the devil… um, I’m pretty sure it’s just my grandpa. You don’t know him, so how can you say for sure?

I shouldn’t be surprised that I became a coach. That blend of intuition and question asking has helped me facilitate some epic transformations with my clients. 

Of all the questions that I’ve asked in my life, I’ve narrowed it down to two favourites if you can believe. (Questions aren’t like children – you’re allowed to have favourites.)

My first favourite question: WHY?

Why is a beautiful exploration of what we know at the surface. Stopping to ask why leads us to exploring aspects of ourselves that were accessible, but just outside our immediate view so they went unnoticed. The answer we get to why isn’t always the answer we’re seeking, but it’s often a key indicator of what work is next to do.

Why do I feel like this?

Why am I repeating this pattern?

Why am I not making the changes I know I need to make?

My second favourite question: WHAT ELSE?

What else is a powerful portal into the realm of possibility. It takes the surface answers of why and dives into the depths of your being to uncover other unexplored parts of yourself. Keep asking what else until you run out of answers?

Why do I keep going back… what else?

Why did I agree to this… what else?

Why didn’t I uphold my boundary… what else?

The key here is asking these questions with zero judgment. We want to neutrally explore our behaviour, conditioning, and patterns, not make ourselves wrong for it. This is a shame-free zone my dear.

Questions are a big part of my coaching practice. I’d go so far as to say the art of coaching is in knowing what questions to ask to help someone unlock the transformation they’re pursuing. It’s not the coach’s job to provide you with answers… it’s to guide you to find the answers within yourself.

Because beautiful: THEY ARE IN THERE. I promise.

So why work with a coach? Can’t you just ask yourself questions?

Absolutely. But having someone outside of you ask them helps you access things that may not have been in your initial view. It also ensures you actually carve out the time and space to ask the questions instead of it being something else on your too-long to do list. It’s committing to yourself, your highest self, and the divine that you are here, willing, and ready to step into this newer, bigger ways of being.

You can do it on your own. But you’ll get there faster with an experienced guide. I’d love to help you. Apply for your sacred transformation session HERE.

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