Real Talk About Sacred Boundaries

I’ve been having a lot of conversations lately about community and how important it is, particularly for women, to come together to heal the harm done by the patriarchy.

But something I haven’t talked about lately (which is frankly essential) is sacred boundaries – which are required for all of our interpersonal relationships.

I was going through the archives of my podcast (before we changed the name to Confessions of a Former Mean Girl, and I found an episode that explore this so beautifully. In it, we talked about sacred boundaries and how they relate to living a spiritual life. Setting and upholding boundaries can be a powerful declaration of self-love and claiming one’s worth. However, maintaining these boundaries can sometimes be uncomfortable and challenging, particularly when it comes to relationships with family and friends. (This is the “work” of the spiritual journey.)

Boundaries are not just about saying no, but also about choosing what we say yes to and what we allow into our lives. This includes our work and home environments, social media accounts we follow, and how we handle situations where our boundaries are tested.

Celebrating personal growth through boundary-setting can be difficult, especially when it comes to changing long-standing habits or letting go of toxic relationships. But by recognizing the importance of self-love and worthiness in setting boundaries, you can begin to create a more fulfilling spiritual journey for yourself.

In the podcast episode, we explored several aspects of setting sacred boundaries:

1. Recognizing the importance of self-love and worth in setting boundaries.
2. Understanding that boundaries are not just about saying no but also choosing what we say yes to.
3. Navigating the discomfort that sometimes comes with maintaining sacred boundaries.
4. Evaluating the impact of what we say yes to in our lives – from our work environment to social media accounts.

By reflecting on these aspects, you can start creating healthier boundaries for yourself. You may find that as you set new limits in your life, you feel more empowered, supported, and whole.

It’s essential to remember that setting sacred boundaries is an ongoing process – one that may require some trial and error as you learn what works best for you. Don’t be afraid to reevaluate your limits from time to time or seek guidance from trusted mentors or loved ones as needed.

As you continue on your spiritual journey of self-love and worthiness through boundary-setting, remember that you are deserving of feeling good in all aspects of your life – from relationships to work environments. You are worthy of fighting for yourself – so pick up your metaphorical sword and shield and embrace the power within.

Check out the episode now:

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