You are more than your logo, your website, your instagram feed. You are more than your followers and your list size. You, beautiful, are a trailblazer… a changemaker… a mover and shaker… a purpose-driven physical incarnation of the Divine. You are the force behind your brave, brilliant business, but it does not define you. So what does? In our 16-week journey, we’re going to explore exactly that.

a journey beyond branding to the heart of your magic and message

Reveal is a journey to the heart of your brand, which dives deep beyond the superficial beauty of your brand (though it will be beautiful) to create something that is a reflection of who you are, and the experience you create.
Kick off the year with more clarity, more confidence, making it your BEST. YEAR. YET.

You deserve to be more than your industry’s best kept secret.

I can’t tell you how many women I’ve met who’ve left their magic at the sidelines. They’re the movement makers who are successful at making other people money, but are afraid to create their own businesses. They’re the ones who rely solely on word of mouth marketing, making their sales unpredictable, and at the whim of other people’s praise. (And people have got their own stuff going on, if we’re honest.) They’re women who water down their offers, making them generic or mainstream, because that’s what the competition is doing, when their quirkiness, and the aspects of themselves they think are too weird or “out there” is actually what makes them and their offerings so special. (I get it, I’ve been guilty of this too!) I created this program to support the women who are here to do BIG THINGS, who are ready to speak up, be seen, and lead their own revolutions. Who want to make the journey from invisible to invincible. They are willing and ready to infuse more of themselves in their brand and their business, and they’re YEARNING to break free of the coulda woulda shouldas, to live their life with zero regrets (and zero f*cks given).

Reveal breaks down into 4 key themes:

The Heart of Your Brand

We’re going to look at big WHY which includes who and how you serve, the magic you’re making in the world. We want to define what you stand for, and then explore how to infuse those values into you brand, and the language we’ll use to do so.

Your Mission. Your Message.

We’re going to explore the different ways you’ve been holding yourself back, and how to use them as ways to create major change. We’ll be crafting these re-written stories into different forms to reach your dream clients, including your “about” page on your website.

Visual Storytelling

We’re going to explore the language of colours and fonts to best find the ways of verbalizing what your brand is all about — without using words at all. We’ll create guidelines to keep your marketing consistent and cohesive, look at using photos and videos to make your message magnetic to your dream clients, and start building anticipation for your new brand’s launch.

Lights. Camera. Action.

We’re going to look at all of the elements needed to successfully launch your brand, all the while keeping self-care a priority — because launches are a big deal on their own, but putting your authentic self out into the world can be a vulnerable process. By staying on schedule, your new brand will come to life the week of June 11th, just in time for the new moon.

What You’ll Get

  • 16 weekly video classes with your assignment with deadlines
  • A private Facebook community with accountability check ins, and feedback from your peers
  • Weekly office hours over Zoom to ask for advice and feedback on that week’s assignment
  • 4 monthly themed meditation recordings to use during the program and beyond

Total Value: $2,800+ USD

The journey begins the week of March 5th, 2018

Your Introductory Investment: $1,111 USD

Want To Go Deeper?

I have space for 6 lucky women to expand this learning into a VIP experience I’m calling The BIG Reveal. This program is by application only, and includes all of the above curriculum, PLUS:

  • A 3-night, 4-day in person retreat in Vancouver, BC the week of May 7th including mastermining, intuitive jam sessions, all meals, and photo/video shoots
  • Done for you designs to roll out your new brand, including: coming soon launch graphics, 30 days of Instagram graphics, a social media post template, and 2 custom header graphics
  • 1 professionally produced brand video to be used on your website and in your marketing
  • 25 photos including 10 headshots and 15 content images to be used on your website or in social media (or both!)
  • 2 x 1:1 calls with me to both plan and strategize the implementation of your brand
  • 1 Soul Purpose intuitive distance reading, including recording and photo

Total Value: $7,300 USD

Your Introductory Investment: $4,222 USD

Payment Plans Available

Registration Closes February 23rd








Creating a Safe, Sacred Space…

To truly create a soul-aligned brand is really vulnerable work, especially when we’re digging into the things that are still holding us back from serving. We’re not only holding space for one another to do this big, necessary work, but we are part of a sisterhood that allows us to show up and be seen, exactly as we are. No masks, no pretense, just us and our glorious mess, together. Because we’re taking this approach, I will be limiting the number of participants. This of course doesn’t mean that feathers won’t be ruffled, but my commitment to you is that I will do my best to create an experience that supports your growth, in a space that feels safe for you to explore.

Your Commitment

By taking part in this program, you’re committing to the following:

  • Participate in the Facebook community, sharing openly and commenting.
  • Make every attempt to attend the office hours calls live, and if missed, watch the replays.
  • Complete the assignments on time for feedback.
  • If you don’t have professional photos done, and are not doing the VIP option, you’ll have a photo shoot scheduled by the first week of May, with delivery by end of May at the latest.
  • Maintain confidentiality of everything shared on the calls, and in the group about the other members of the sisterhood and their work.

Your sister. Your host.

I’m Seryna Myers, and it is my honour to walk this journey with you. By bringing in the sacred to brand strategy, I’ve been shifting the conversation with my clients away from the superficial colours and fonts of their brands, into the experience they create, and how they make people feel. I’m a recovered corporate drone who learned about branding during my years of making millions for Microsoft — because Bill Gates needed more money. 😉 Now I take the foundation of corporate marketing, but add the soul and sacred to create a very personal, heart-driven process that helps your brand become a natural extension of who you already are. I’ve built my business on the same principles I’m teaching in this program: getting crystal clear on who and how I serve, then showing up authentically with raw, honest, storytelling. I’ve struggled with many of these same things… having a pretty humble beginning lead me to struggling with pricing in a way that honoured my talent and experience, it made me feel like an imposter, and it made me wonder what everyone else had that I didn’t, which kept my magic hidden from the world. There was nothing particularly special about my journey from there to here. It just took an open heart, a splash of courage, and a willingness to look within to set myself free. I am so excited to guide you there.

Are you a woman on the rise?

I’m a firm believer that you and your brand are intimately entwined. Your business is an extension of who you already are, but sometimes, it’s easy to get stuck in your head, once you know people are watching. Reveal isn’t about changing who you are, it’s about cultivating the courage to unleash her on the world. If you’ve found yourself on the precipice of going big, and you keep pulling back from the edge, this is your opportunity to safely journey into the spotlight.