What is a Mean Girl?

What does it mean to be a mean girl? How did working with myself help me heal, accept myself, and create a space for other women to accept all they are?

Hello, I’m Seryna Myers, and welcome to Confessions of a Former Mean Girl Podcast! This is a new season, new show, and new mission – a podcast where I take you on a journey of discovering and becoming your truest self by accepting all that you are. In this first episode, I’ll share what it means to be a “mean girl” and how the standards we were made to accept affected me growing up. I will share with you my own stories of healing, acceptance and reclaiming my truest self.

I am so excited to take you on to this journey. Join me as we explore more confessions of a mean girl!

“When you start to look at how we are conditioned as women, where we are taught that mean girls are a thing, we are forced to see each other as competition.”


This episode explores:

🔥 Being a “mean girl”.
🔥 What women are conditioned to think, see, and feel.
🔥 Owning responsibility and healing from being a mean girl.
🔥 What to expect from the show.

“I exist beyond my body, and I recognize my value is so much more than the vessel that carries my soul.”


Here are some of the highlights of Episode 1:

🔥 (00:30) New show, new name, new mission!

🔥 (03:18) A glimpse of my origin story and being a mean girl.

🔥 (05:20) What does being a “mean girl” mean?

🔥 (09:08) My story of shame, overcoming shame, and healing.

🔥 (12:12) My birthday and launch surprise for you!


As promised, here are the links you need to know:

🔥 Thanks for celebrating with me! Get your discount from my Birthday Sale link here: https://programs.seryna.ca/?coupon=42BDAY 

“When we do this work of reclamation and then we choose to love ourselves anyway, shame is no longer in the driver’s seat.”

Once you’ve given this a listen, I’d love to know your thoughts. Tell me how this landed for you, what your biggest a-ha moment was and what you’re committed to incorporating into your life to help you become the truest version of yourself.

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