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Mission + Message

You’ve built a career you’re proud of, one with meaning, and impact, and you bring all of your heart to all that you do. The people around you notice, even if they don’t say anything. Just by being yourself, you are inspiring so many lives, and you don’t even know it.

On paper, you “have it all”. But what if you could create EVEN MORE?

We are in an era where we don’t have to choose purpose over a paycheque. We just need to learn to reconcile our inner world with the material one, so we can show up in a way that feels delicious from head to toe, heart to soul.

The world is ready beautiful… so what magic do you want to make?


Your Business Oracle

Imagine a dedicated space, filled to the brim of support, where you can receive some of the goodness you’re creating every day. This program is energetically flexible to meet you wherever you’re at. It’s been designed to support you during times of personal and professional expansion, during launches and new offering development, or as you navigate the challenges that come with claiming your next level greatness, and the impact that has on you and those around you.

Each session is divinely guided, we’ll be co-creating magic with your angels, guides, and record keepers to bring as much grace and space to your evolutionary journey. You’ll have access to my intuitive gifts (and 25+ years experience) and business acumen (including 15+ years in marketing, managing a million-dollar quota, and online entrepreneurship), but you’ll also be encouraged to tap into your own innate knowing so you can build trust in the gifts you currently carry.

You’ve worked hard for this: you deserve to enjoy every drop of success.


The Beginning of Even Better

Gift yourself some grace, and some space. I know your notifications are blowing up your phone, and your dance card is full, making it hard to turn off and just BE sometimes.

It’s time for a change, because you’ve outgrown your current energy. Doing the same things will yield the same results, and it’s time for something powerful, potent, electric. You are ready. It’s why you’ve found me here today.

You’ve paid your dues, and work so hard to keep all the plates spinning. To claim your next level greatness, a few things need to happen…

  1. You give yourself permission to be, have, want MORE than ever before, knowing you are worthy, deserving, and capable of handling that much goodness.
  2. You hand over any old stories or attachments to the glorification of being BUSY and TIRED and open up to the vibrancy that comes from living and working in alignment.
  3. You open up to receiving support, guidance, and access to your heart’s Truth so you can make the changes (internally and externally) to embody this new state of expansion.

Your Business Oracle sessions will do all of this and more. Let’s dig in… 



Your Sacred Support

A 4 Month Sacred Container

These sessions are consciously created within a longer support container – 4 months to be exact.  Your program begins with a 90-minute session to lay the foundation of our time together, and energetically open up the container for our work together.

You will then have 11 more 1-hour sessions with voice support (Voxer) between our calls. I like to make personal transformation a cozy process, and you can have these online calls anywhere your wifi signal can reach. Additionally you have the option of one weekly SOS (Seryna on speed-dial) 15-minute call, for quick intuitive hits, pep talks, or insight. (These are non cumulative.)

Each session is energetically flexible, and tailored to whatever you need at the time. It can include soul expanding prescriptions or rituals, divine messages, sacred homework, energy releases or upgrades in the Akashic Records, and more. You have a 16 week container to complete your 12 support sessions, so the energy is defined and ready for you to stretch into.

As my client, you’ll be included in all of my private ceremony and altar work for the duration of your program, and as a bonus, you’ll receive lifetime access to the Sacred Support Salon – a virtual resource library of resources for the cosmically conscious soul seeker.

Your Investment: $4,500 USD

Hey, I’m Seryna Myers!

In my corporate life I lived by the mantra “right away and all at once” and constantly found myself in sink or swim scenarios. Whatever success I achieved (raving clients, big commissions, 5 start travel) was always overshadowed by this feeling that there had to be more out there… that it all had to mean something. 

At the time, I didn’t have the tools I needed to integrate my highly spiritual personal life with my long to-do lists and over achieving work life. With time, distance, and a deep commitment to my spiritual growth, I’ve learned how to stop living a double life, bring more meaning to everything I do, and to connect with more depth than I ever thought possible.

It all begins with willingness, openness to receive, and a commitment to soul-expanding greatness. Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you to give up all the things you love, wear only white, and spend hours a day meditating. I’m talking tangible, palpable shifts that work in the real world.

So…. are you in?

[Seryna] You’re the figure that gives permission to others to have a connection with the divine.
You’re the one who teaches people that normal people can have incredibly, radically, amazing lives.

Kyle Gray

Seryna embodies elegance with a strong voice and a fearsome love for humanity’s potential. I feel safe in her presence. I’ve watched her blossom in her leadership over the years and it is so inspiring! She’s here to serve. Thank goodness!

Christyn Hall

I LOVE working with Seryna.  Her insight and messages are so clear and she has an amazing way of being caring in the delivery – even when it’s not what I want to hear!  I love Seryna’s readings because she has access to so many tools and uses what is appropriate on any given day.

Michelle Cooper

With Sacred Business Mentorship You’ll Receive

12 Live soul expanding video calls (1 x 90 minutes, 11 x 60 minutes) over 16 weeks

Voice message support between calls via iMessage, Messenger or Voxer

Optional weekly 15-minute SOS calls

Lifetime access to the resources within the Sacred Support Salon

Inclusion in my private ceremony and ritual work

The As to your Qs

Do you offer individual readings?

Yes! My Business Oracle sessions are 90-minutes long and are ideal for 1-2 areas you need to dive deeply into, but without the need for longer term support.

What intuitive gifts do you work with?

I am primarily claircognizant, but I work with all 4 primary clairs, oracle decks, muscle testing and energy check ins. While a lot of my gifts opened up in childhood, I pursued formal training to build my confidence and feel secure in using them. I’m trained in angels, akashic records, essential oils, reiki, mediumship, crystals, neurofeedback and more.

Do you offer VIP days?

When my schedule allows, I have half and full day packages available, where you have access to my gifts, and my business experience. These can be held online, or in person. Send me a message for further information and to check availability.

Where can I learn more about you?

The best way to get to know me is to join my email list, listen to my podcast or hang out in my Facebook community. Otherwise, if what you’re really looking for is to see if you resonate with me before committing to work together, apply for a compatibility call. It’s the first step anyways. 😉 

Ready to Start?

The journey begins by claiming your big YES.

Sacred Business not what you’re looking for?

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