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Free tandem healing :: September 28

The Sacred Untangling

Release Old Identities. Dissolve Fear and Limiting Beliefs. Untangle the Cords That Bind You.

Return home to your soul’s sacred roots, shedding all the things you do to emerge as the truth of who you are. Are you ready to break free from excuses and stand in your fullest potency?

What You’ll Experience

Unlock your Hidden Bindings

Discover why you’ve felt stuck and disconnected, and gain the clarity to break free from these limitations. Reclaim your sense of purpose and connection, setting the stage for profound transformation.



create soul-level liberation

Embark on an empowering journey of self-discovery, where you’ll rewrite stories and beliefs. Shed old, unhelpful identities and emerge as your true, empowered self ready for the path of self-realization.

energetically shift to your highest timeline

Receive a profound energetic clearing to liberate you from unseen blockers, paving the way for your highest potential to shine. Align effortlessly to a life of abundance, clarity, and purpose and possibility.

Hi! We’re Seryna & Nicole

Co-hosts of The Sacred Soul Sisterhood

Seryna and Nicole, your guides on this transformative journey, are dedicated practitioners who have been profoundly impacted by each other’s work. As a Sacred Transformationist and Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Seryna brings a wealth of experience in helping individuals navigate their spiritual and personal growth. Nicole, on the other hand, is a Medicine Mother and Angel Intuitive, drawing from her unique expertise in healing and intuitive wisdom. We recognized the synergy between our practices and knew we had to unite to offer this tandem healing experience to our community.

We deeply understand the power of a supportive community in the process of healing and transformation. Witnessing the sacred shifts in others’ lives has reaffirmed our belief in the profound impact of collaboration. In this workshop, we approach the process of untangling stories and beliefs from both the energetic and physical realms because we recognize that both realms play a significant role in your journey. By synchronizing our work, we’ve created a powerful catalyst to fast track your transformation and set the stage for you to write a new chapter in your life. Together, we are committed to guiding you towards a more authentic and empowered version of yourself, offering our unwavering support as you embark on this sacred journey of self-discovery and healing.

All of You is Welcome

This is your invitation to join us

Following the event, we extend a heartfelt invitation to join us in The Sacred Soul Sisterhood membership. Our community is a vibrant global collective of women who share a common dedication to nurturing our spiritual journeys. Each month, we come together in various ways to foster learning, healing, and personal growth along our unique paths.

Within The Sacred Soul Sisterhood, we offer member plans designed to meet you precisely where you stand on your transformative journey. Whether you are just beginning your spiritual exploration or have been on this path for some time, our community welcomes you with open arms, ready to support and empower your personal evolution.

A room in the member site with large windows, cushions on the floor and lots of candles.

Thurs Sept 28th

12pm Pacific | 3pm Eastern | 8pm UK








Save me a Seat!

This is a LIVE Experience

Given the profoundly transformative nature of our work together, it is of utmost importance that we share this sacred time with you in real-time. Please understand that your presence on the call is a testament to your inherent worthiness of this dedicated block of time, crafted specifically to provide you with unwavering support and healing.



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