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Do you find it hard to express your emotions safely and honestly (especially this year)?

Do you wish you could break the patterns you grew up with, so you could communicate about anger more effectively?

Do you want to honour your uncomfortable feelings, without getting consumed by them?

Then lovely, you’ve found my book, Sacred Anger, at just the right time.

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After you’ve ordered your book, don’t forget to download the free resources to support your Sacred Anger Journey.

Early Praise for Sacred Anger

“Honest, real and full of soul! Sacred Anger is the secret sauce needed to befriend anger instead of being ruled by this most sacred of emotions.

Gifted spiritual guide, Seryna Myers will stay right by your side as you explore your emotions and come out the other side with greater clarity, greater joy and greater peace of mind and body.  

Highly recommended!”

– Calista, best-selling author of Unicorn Rising and The Female Archangels.

“In Sacred Anger, Seryna Myers lays out a system for understanding, processing, and learning from, your anger. Rich with spiritual wisdom, practical exercises, and relatable stories, the book will help you leverage your anger to transform yourself, and channel your newfound wisdom to create change in the world.”

– George Lizos, #1 Bestselling author of Lightworkers Gotta Work

Why I Wrote This Book…


There was a time when I was afraid of the intensity of my own emotions. After years of hardship and growing up too fast, I’d developed a chip on my shoulder that it took years to heal – and if I’m honest, it’s still a work in progress.

I know I’m not the only one.

I’ve spoken to women in almost every corner of the world, and very few are comfortable with their anger. We’ve never been taught how to express it, we’ve been shamed when we do, and many of us have been in the scary position of dealing with someone else’s inability to cope with how they feel.

Even in spiritual circles, this topic is dismissed as ‘low vibe’ and dismissed as being an expression of the ego, when in reality, anger can be our greatest teacher, if we let it. It’s big stuff. It’s universal. Denying our anger gets us nowhere. It’s time for a new approach.

Here’s the thing though: there’s a lot to be angry about in this world.

Everywhere you look, online and offline, there is injustice, lack, and pain being expressed. People are discriminated against for how they look, and who they love, or who they are…

It’s a lot.

And if your only guidance came from the books currently written about anger, you’d be looking to manage it, release it, or avoid it all together, instead of working with your anger, and allowing her to teach you deep soul-level lessons.

(And then put those lessons to work to make positive change in the world.)

Sacred Anger Resources

I’ve put together 3 complimentary resources to support your journey with Sacred Anger, as the book, and as a bigger concept.

Your resources include:

  • an interactive digital journal with all the questions from Sacred Anger as well as channeled messages
  • a guided meditation to transmute anger (and anything else) with the Violet Flame
  • a how-to guide for hosting your own full moon releasing ritual


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