Welcome to Your Whole Self

The space for radical acceptance of all that you are, all that you feel and all that you need (in and outside of the roles you play).

For the space-holders, secret keepers and trusted advisors who are ready to step into the fullest expression of themselves.

You Serve. You Deserve.

There’s more to you than the work you do.
This is the space where you can show up and be held.

trust in flow over force

Tap into greater levels of truth and energetic alignment an only move towards desire. Trust that what’s meant for you will never miss you.

Reclaimed Identity

See yourself within the roles you take on (in and out of work) without being defined by them, or using them to determine worth and belonging.

shine light in the shadows

Find deeper levels of healing in the previously unseen parts of yourself. Reclaim the disowned and rejected selves and return to wholeness.

activated vocal portal

Express your wants, needs and desires with greater ease. Speak with intention and trust that what you say and how you say it will be received.

Inner compass embodied

Understand your energetic blueprint and listen to the cues of your body to direct your inner ‘yes’ and ‘no’. You honour the messages with deep self trust and healthy boundaries.

allow it to be uncozy

You trust yourself to whether storms of discomfort in order to make aligned change in your life, knowing its temporary, all the while strengthening your resiliency muscles.

We do things differently…

You aren’t something to fix. You are someone to celebrate.

Usually, the motivation to buy a program is the desire to be a better practitioner in the roles you take on. The Satya Self  is dedicated to the recognition and reclamation of your Whole Self. It’s a juicy celebration of WHO. YOU. ALREADY. ARE.

Because you’re fucking incredible!

We embark on the opportunity to create a process for renewal anytime you need it as you navigate your roles in the world.

  • A shedding of the old processes and identities
  • A rich embodiment of your needs, luscious desires and new (fierce) boundaries
  • The integration of what loving the whole self and accepting your limitless potential
  • Never waivering in your decisions and requests for support because your faith in yourself is unshakeable.


A nourishing space of sacred exploration and the reclamation of your Whole Self.
The Satya Self is instrumental in not only the recognition of all that you already are, but the ability to create, explore and design with the world around you, and the self inside you.

The Pilgrimage

a 4-month Sacred Journey Within

(10) 1:1 Sessions, Monthly Energy Transmissions, Private Living Journal,
and New Sacred Tools for Radical Self Acceptance


The satya self is guided by these 4 tenets


Tenet 1


Let go of the heaviness that’s slowing your growth and robbing your joy. Your attachments to the roles you play, the expectations others place upon you, untruths and limiting beliefs you’ve carried… all of it is ready for release.

Tenet 2


Build a practice of living fully expressed – 100% undiluted you from head to toe. Whole self ownership, reclaimed power, and living grounded in your Truth. Experience life through all your senses – there’s a lot of juiciness waiting for your readiness.

Tenet 3


Make your devotional practices and energetic care non-negotiable, as you continue to pour deep love into yourself. Imagine life receiving some of the love you’ve always given to others. This is your time, beauty. Devour every delicious drop. 

Tenet 4


Your faith in yourself becomes stronger than the holds placed on you by society, the world and the relationships you keep. Stronger confidence. Deep self trust. And a rooted knowing that no matter what comes your way: you’ve got this!

Success story
I was separating ‘the before’ and ‘the after’ and there was no need for me to do that.

Seryna reminded me that even though we’re grieving a part of ourselves to remember that we have to carry that part through so we can become whole. This was a catalyst for me and my understanding of why I was separating the before and the after – and  there was no need for me to do that. 

She kept reinstating the belief that I was enough, that what I had been and who I was before led me to where I am now, so that I could grow and evolve. And she kept reaffirming how powerful I was that I could step into this new way of being and step out from under the umbrella of identity of my past so that I could reclaim who I was in the new. I will be forever indebted to her ability to hold space, to have the wisdom to see what is coming, and to allow it to unfold organically.

Hey! I’m Seryna.

I see the YOU behind all you do for others…

I am your shepherd and guide, walking alongside you through the shadows with a lantern in hand. In The Satya Self, I am your space holder, confidante, truth teller, and your biggest cheerleader.

I am here to open the doors in front of you so you can explore without stopping. I am offering a firm support when you’re taking the big scary leaps to creating your own path forward. I only guide you through the depths I’ve already been through myself. 

Because this is about you.

Your whole self. I am the delicious support and witness to all that you are:  here, now, and everywhere you’re headed.


in my space…

You’re officially off the clock

In this program there are no expectations of perfection or expert status required. Just space for you to be a regular, messy, fallible (BEAUTIFUL) human.








Success story
Working with [Seryna] has been the greatest investment I will ever make.

Before I met Seryna  I was afraid to be fully who I am in my full, authentic self. She has given me the strength and the courage to be me. It’s like Seryna lifts the veil – you have so many haha moments with her that it’s just incredible.

We worked right from the very beginning to deal with stuff from really early childhood, on base chakra issues, and my relationships with men, with myself, and with boundaries. She helped me have really difficult conversations and setting boundaries with my father and my boyfriend at the time (who is now my ex boyfriend because of the work we’ve done together.)  Seryna is a truth teller. A space holder. Honestly working with her has been a great gift and the greatest investment I will ever make.

Inward Shifts. Outward Results.

Sacred Soul® Transformation happens within you, but impacts so many more.

Your relationships change

A healthier relationship with yourself (and the unfuckwithable boundaries that come with it) shake things up in your personal life. Your relationships will either evolve to make room for your fullest expression, or fade away. This is the dirty secret of deep inner work and I believe you need to enter this space with eyes wide open. It takes courage to disrupt your existing dynamics but the payoff is beyond worth it.

You attract new professional opportunities

There is nothing more intriguing (and magnetic!) than a woman who owns herself fully and doesn’t hold back as she navigates the world… and other people want in! New positions, new clients, new ways of engaging with your community – all of it aligned because YOU have done the work of being aligned yourself. This means bigger platforms, bigger impact, and a bigger bank account!

You become a decision making master

You navigate moments of choosing with ease. Big life changes and small day to day decisions are a breeze because you have cultivated deep trust in yourself. No more wasting hours scrolling through research just to decide where to eat. No more polling your friends about what to wear to the party.  No more second guessing in the boardroom OR the bedroom. You know what you want… and no one can tell you otherwise.

Achieve these Results

Here are some things you can expect after your journey with The Satya Self

Unshakeable Certainty

You’ll no longer carry the burden of the projections from others about what they think you could or should be. You know who you are and own her with total confidence. The rest glides off.

better boundaries (work + Home)

You’re no longer at your calendar’s mercy because you carve out time for yourself and leave work at the office. No more lunches at your desk. You have space to honour your YES, and say no to anything that feels rooted in obligation. 

honour your sacred voice

You’ll trust yourself to speak up when it matters and have the right words to honour your intention. You’ll have the courage and confidence you need to live fully expressed.

comfort in the uncomfortable

You’ll lean into your shadows to extract the lessons that hide there, and have hard conversations that are necessary. Your capacity for discomfort without disregulation expands.

redefined worth

You’ll be unencumbered by expectations placed on you by capitalistic, patriarchal systems of oppression. You know you are more than the roles you play, the money you make and the size of your jeans with every cell of your being.

recognize there is no competition

You’ll view other women as your sisters and become their cheerleader and champion. In your world, a rising tide floats all boats and you stay focused on your own tide.

Success story
[Seryna helped] me to birth myself in such a beautiful, validated way.

Seryna honored me and believed in me and helped me find this belief in myself. She did that by holding my hand and holding my heart and walking me through my self doubt. It was like she helped me pull these dreams from the sky, into my heart, and grounding them and little by little with lots of support and asking me just exactly the right questions. She helped me to birth myself in such a beautiful, validated way, and now all my dreams are here. She’s been such a beautiful presence in my life, and a strong seer of who I am.

Frequently asked questions

Your heart says yes, but your head wants more details to help decide. No problem, I’ve gotchu.
how long are sessions? when are they available?

Virtual coaching calls are 60 minutes and take place Tuesday-Thursday from 10-5 pacific time. In the VIP option, the Lilith Rising ceremony is 3 hours and take place on Fridays.

Why is the month 1 schedule different?

We do weekly sessions for your first month to lay the foundation for the rest of your program, and build momentum. This is typically the ‘shedding’ phase while the following months are more around embodiment, skill building and commitment to your practices.

How is the content delivered?

The majority of our work together will take place over Zoom video conferencing. Your living journal has two options: written will use Google Docs (free word processing software) and voice will use Voxer (free voice messaging app). Anything else will be sent to you via email or Google Drive.

Can I pay in installments?

Absolutely! I have both a pay in full and payment plan option – you get to choose what would support you best.

How is this different from therapy?

Therapy tends to be focused on events from the past and how they’re showing up today. It operates solely in the 3D realm. Spiritual coaching tends to be more forward focused, and brings in practices from the 4D and 5D realms to make the human 3D experience more enriched.

how do i choose between the living journal options?

My clients tend to fall into two camps – audio processors who like to talk to figure things out, and deep thinkers who prefer to take time on their own and then reach out for questions and feedback. A solution geared towards one would be a nightmare for the other, so I came up with two ways you can receive feedback on your lived experience in The Satya Self. If you’re more of a talker, we will walkie talkie. If you’re more of a writer, you’ll jot things down and I’ll write you feedback. Both experiences will get responses during my regular office hours which occur once a day, Monday to Friday during Pacific time. Out of hours sharing will be responded to the next business day.

Question not answered?

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of this work and the energetic investment, there are no refunds offered. If you want to ensure a fit before committing, please apply for a consultation.


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