The Road to YOU

Ready to walk down the road to your truest, deepest, most wonderfully authentic self? The self that says, “no more,” to making yourself small enough to fit into someone else’s box? This is where it all begins.

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Everyone is on their own journey. Review the packages below to find the one that feels like a deep exhale. That’s the one that’s right for you in this moment. 

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How We Can Work Together

The You-est You

vip coaching day

This is a one-day VIP coaching experience designed to dig deep into what’s standing in your way. The You-est YOU involves pre-work so we can both get the most out of the experience, 4 hours of in-depth coaching to identify mental roadblocks and help you establish new goals and routines, and a follow-up call to go over the “Road Back to YOU,” a comprehensive gameplan to help you unlock your full potential.

My session with Seryna was one of the best I’ve ever had! She was supportive, nurturing, grounded and held space in a way that allowed me to have some incredible insights. Seryna really understands people pleasers who may be struggling with “good girl” syndrome. I felt so seen and heard and truly cannot wait to book another coaching session.

~ Lauren Griffiths

The Lit Up You

Group Coaching Program

Want to get to the heart of what’s standing in your way from embracing ALL of you, but not ready for the deep dive into one-on-one caching? The Lit Up YOU is an 8-week group program that allows you to explore your roadblocks to true happiness and soul-alignment in the company and comfort of other recovering people pleasers. Enrol anytime and attend the live calls when they run.

I have been consistently reminded that even if I still don’t feel I fit in anywhere yet, I am in precisely the right place, I am perfectly me. I don’t need to give a flying f*ck what anyone else thinks, the colour of their lenses is uniquely their problem. My confidence in this has grown through you, through everything you have taught.

~ Katie F.

The Lit You Up program by Seryna Myers
The Sovereign Self program by Seryna Myers

The Sovereign Self

Individual Coaching Program

This program is for graduates of The Lit Up YOU or The You-est YOU (or people who have already done the work on their own to discover what’s holding them back). You know what you need to do, but you have no idea how to make it happen. The Sovereign Self is a 6-month program to help you embody everything you’ve learned and navigate the waters of your new-normal.

Seryna is an amazing coach and spiritual teacher. She is a real, no BS, brilliant, loving light, and working with her IS life changing. She’s so full of wisdom and has this beautiful ability to ever so gently awaken the truth within you. All the while holding a space for you that is filled with love, that feels so safe and without judgment.

~ Nicole Schoen



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